Just when you thought the indefatigable producer (he's made 99 movies and is itching to get to his 100th) was shifting from film to TV following the whopping success of his NBC series The Blacklist, the laid-back Davis, 60, is about to release three of his most high-profile movies. He got his friend, director David O. Russell, to commit to Joy as his first film after American Hustle — bringing with him Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro in a true-life story about a single mom who hits it big when her Miracle Mop takes off on QVC. "[Russell's] the greatest talent magnet I've ever met," says Davis. And he's got a new take on Mary Shelley's antihero in Victor Frankenstein and the long-in-the-works Man From U.N.C.L.E., which opens in August. The Harvard MBA and businessman — whose investments include a pizza company and a joint venture to develop Fox movies as Broadway shows — works from offices in Brentwood, but his heart is at Fox, where he has had a first-look movie deal for 21 years. His father, Marvin, first brought him there after buying the studio, and he's still following Dad's advice to "dream big and don't be afraid of taking outside risks."