You know you've arrived when Scott Rudin starts noticing you. Rudin infamously called the young producer "this bipolar 28-year-old lunatic" in a hacked Sony email, to which Ellison, now 29, responded on Twitter, "I always thought of myself more as eccentric." Eccentrically, she bets her own money (a fortune rumored to be as high as $2 billion), much of it entrusted to her by her father, ex-Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, on specialty films and midrange dramas. She also avoids the press, operates from offices in a house high up in the Hills and regularly communicates with her 82,700 Twitter followers. Yet without her, True Grit, The Master and Foxcatcher never would have been, and she has collected three best picture Oscar noms with Zero Dark Thirty, Her and American Hustle, which together have earned $431 million worldwide. She recently signed a two-picture deal with David O. Russell (now in production on Joy) and has hired her own marketing czar, David Kaminow, from Sony. Some wonder whether she's flying too close to the sun, but she has tweeted, "I relate deeply to Jack London's credo. I would rather be ashes than dust."