623,142: Adults 25-to-54 who made Kelly cable's most watched anchor in the key news demo during her first week in primetime

Why she matters: Simply put, Kelly, 43, is the fastest-rising star on the top cable news net. After she and husband Douglas Brunt welcomed their third child in July 2013, Kelly was promoted from her daytime show into the coveted post-Bill O'Reilly slot at 9 p.m. With cable news' biggest lead-in and her rep for eagerly sparring with guests, she's become the face of the aging net's future.

Her big get: "Judge Judy [Sheindlin] -- and that one will stand the test of time," she says. "I know it sounds silly, but she's important to me. I've really looked up to her, and I never got to meet her until I launched this show. They said no [to our first asks]. It never caused me to stop loving her, but I was crushingly disappointed whenever I saw her someplace else. Finally she said yes. I was starstruck."

One thing she can’t work without: “My coffee. It's cliché, but it's the truth. I have three kids, for God's sake."

Goal for next year: "I don't consider myself a feminist -- though Sheryl Sandberg said I am one, I just don't know it -- but there are so few women in primetime, there's an opportunity to start featuring more successful, powerful women on the show."