TV'S MOST WATCHED NETWORK, CBS SCORED A WIN AMONG the 18-to-49 demographic for the 2012-13 season, its first in 20 years. "I don't feel we've ever not been cool," says Tassler, TV's longest-serving broadcast entertainment president after eight years on the job. "We are most definitely relevant." Tassler also saw CBS secure the most ad commitments for the 2013-14 season of any network, totaling $2.6 billion. And, despite the network's lack of a new fall hit, The Big Bang Theory and NCIS still are TV's most watched shows, while the success of Under the Dome, from Stephen King and Steven Spielberg, is helping boost the trend toward summer programming and event series. Dome lured about 15 million viewers (and a 3.9 rating in 18-to-49) on CBS, plus more via an innovative and lucrative streaming deal with Amazon Prime (the show returns in 2014). "It's about great auspices," says Tassler of Dome's talent roster. "Like partnering with Vince Gilligan and David Shore on Battle Creek as well." Tassler, who is married with two children, is writing What I Told My Daughter: Raising Feminist Daughters in a Post-Modern Feminist World, with a portion of proceeds to go to the nonprofit Girls Inc. "It gives me great, as we say in Yiddish, nachas [joy and pride]." -- M.O.