Courtesy of The Palm

From Fred Astaire tap-dancing on the bar to Evel Knievel parking his motorcycle inside the restaurant, The Palm has seen it all. Famous for the celebrity caricatures on its walls, this classic chophouse, opened in 1975, has hosted moguls such as Michael Eisner and Ron Meyer making deals over its filet mignon medallions for decades. "The power lunch has changed over the 40 years we've been in the game," says Bruce Bozzi, executive vp at Palm Restaurant Group (as well as long-term partner of CAA's Bryan Lourd). "One of the reasons people like to come in is you can get in and get out, have an efficient lunch in an hour." As for the rumors that The Palm's lease is running out this year? "That is correct," Bozzi tells THR. "We are finalizing a deal on a space in Beverly Hills. There's more foot traffic in Beverly Hills. It's all good."