Courtesy of Polo Lounge

When the Beverly Hills Hotel renovated its iconic Polo Lounge last year, it wisely decided to spruce up a bit here (tartan carpets indoors) and a bit there (enhanced outdoor heating). After all, its regulars -- Sumner Redstone with Tom Cruise at an inside booth; Lorne Michaels, Terry Semel and Lili Fini Zanuck at back-to-back-booths outside -- are drawn to its history and constancy (up to 25 percent of lunchers order the famed McCarthy Salad). Says Relativity president Tucker Tooley of the 73-year-old spot, where Charlie Chaplin once held sway at Booth 1, "The legacy of this place is amazing." Even so, the menu continues to evolve. The new West Hollywood salad includes kale and quinoa, vegan upon request.