5.9 million: Total average viewers for the first quarter of 2014, besting Today 88 of the past 92 weeks

Why they matter: Over the past year, despite turnover at the anchors desk, GMA reigned over Today in total viewership and in the 25-to-54 demo, notching an ad-revenue windfall of $100 million. Meanwhile, Roberts, 53, made a successful return to GMA after undergoing a bone marrow transplant a year earlier; in December, she finalized a new long-term deal worth a reported $14 million a year. The show scored interviews with Amanda Knox, Jason Collins and a juror for the George Zimmerman trial who recounted how they came to their verdict. "I hope we'll continue to take chances and try new things," says Spencer, 44. "That's what got us to first place."

Proudest accomplishment this year: "Coming together as a team to hold the fort down while Robin got better," says Spencer. Senior executive producer Cibrowski seconds the sentiment: "Through the help of some divine intervention, getting Robin back to GMA after her transplant -- and not missing a beat through her leave and some of the recent changes on the show."

Dream get: "Pope Francis," says Stephanopoulos, 53. Adds Cibrowski, 46: "Hillary Clinton, if she was announcing [her candidacy for president]."

Goal for next year: "To work out with [contributor] Michael Strahan," jokes Stephanopoulos.

Spencer can't work without: "My BlackBerry. I write my scripts on it every day. ABC is no longer issuing them, so this is my last one. If I have to switch to the iPhone, I am not sure I will get on the air. And if I do, Lord knows what that spell-check will have me saying!"