Courtesy of Vertigo Ent.

Lee, 46, has a secret source for material: his two daughters, Claire, 11, and Lane, 9. They pitched him the idea for three of his upcoming movies — Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy's and Adventure Time — though they weren't behind his biggest hit, 2014's The Lego Movie (produced with Dan Lin). That has set a high bar for the film's sequels, which he currently has in development, but his biggest challenge yet might be the film adaptation of his favorite novel, Stephen King's 1,152-page horror/fantasy novel The Stand, which has gone through various writers and proposed incarnations. Now the Warners film is being designed as a two-parter, with Josh Boone writing the current draft. "I just know if we do it right, we will have the next Lord of the Rings, set in contemporary America," says Lee, whose production pact at Warners runs through 2016.