Courtesy of Soho House

With a hypercurated members' list (including a limit on the number of agents), this outpost of the private London social club reigns as an inarguable hit four years in. The 14th-floor aerie is a hub for everything from awards-season jockeying (Harvey Weinstein routinely screens his films there) and peacekeeping (NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt noshed with Jay Leno during a peak talk-show crisis moment last summer) to screenwriting and networking. "It's like a reunion here every day during lunch," says FX senior vp series development Nicole Clemens. "You see everyone without having to set up a meeting." Last year, chef AndreaCavaliere added an upgraded equivalent of a salad bar, The Garden Table. "We get 300 people all pretty much at 1:15, and these are the ultimate modification clients. Everyone is on some special diet. The table lets them get a salad, a protein and a grain in their own way," he says. Billionaire Ron Burkle upped his membership two years ago with a $383 million cash infusion to expand globally. A second L.A. location, mostly likely downtown, is expected.