Courtesy of Sugarfish Beverly Hills

Kazunori Nozawa's famed no-frills Studio City sushi spot, which closed in 2012, has given way to his mini-chain of more polished successors offering prix fixe menus and the chef's signature warm, loosely packed rice. Since opening in spring 2013, the Beverly Hills location has become a mecca for picky eaters like Larry David. The blunt chef -- known as the "sushi Nazi" for episodes like kicking out Charlize Theron for attempting to order a la carte -- still has his rules. Don't dip sauced items in soy, but do eat hand rolls within seconds while the seaweed is crisp. The regulars don't mind. Notes Wolf Films executive vp Danielle Gelber, "You know you're going to get amazing, buttery bites of sushi, yet you're startled that it's that perfect every time." Another Sugarfish opened in early January on La Brea Avenue at 1st Street.