Courtesy of Toscana

For its 25th anniversary in February, the Brentwood trattoria is considering reviving some of the pastas from its original menu -- which should conjure nostalgic feelings in Imax Entertainment CEO and Brentwood native Greg Foster, a faithful patron since
the restaurant opened back in 1989. "It's like a time warp, in a good way," he observes. "It's consistently comfortable, and it's got that Cheers element of everybody knowing your name." The kitchen prides itself on flexibility, accommodating requests both common (serving up the shrimp salad appetizer as an entree) 
and odd (cooking pasta with bottled water instead of tap, as a diner once insisted). Many
 of the tables lend themselves to private
conversations, a plus for industry fans
including power lawyers Ken ZiffrenJeanne Newman and Melanie Cook, who drops in whenever crossing the 405 freeway to lunch with longtime producer friend Lawrence Gordon.