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Known For: 2014's Divergent

Big Number: The best-selling YA franchise of 2013 sold 6.7 million copies.

At 26, Roth is the youngest member of Hollywood's power-authors club, with her Divergent trilogy inheriting the YA mantle from Hunger Games and Twilight. While still a Northwestern undergrad, she wrote the story about young revolutionary Tris, who is "divergent" from any of the five factions making up a postapocalyptic Chicago; the adaptation starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James has gone on to gross $289 million worldwide. "She is brave and rebellious, with deep convictions about what's right," Roth says of her favorite female character -- not Tris, but Antigone, of the classic Greek tragedy. Roth's coolest Hollywood moments are behind the scenes, discussing sets with head production designer Alec Hammond. And while she's tight-lipped about her post-Divergent projects, Roth says she's open to writing a screenplay: "I don't want to limit myself when there's so much room to grow."

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