100-Critic Poll: 'Black Swan' Down; 'Inception,' 'King,' '127' Up

Fox Searchlight Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

The Social Network tops Movie City News' Dec. 31 100-critic poll, but Oscar voters may be more affected by No. 2: Winter's Bone. Black Swan drops two slots, King's Speech rises two.

Here's what happened since last week's poll of 100 leading critics:

-- 127 Hours pulled ahead of The Ghost Writer.

-- Inception leaped two slots ahead of Black Swan.

-- Carlos sank two slots.

-- The King's Speech passed The Kids Are All Right to breathe down Black Swan's neck.

The only thing of potential Oscar interest: Winter's Bone might rise to the top of the voters' screeners piles. Here are the top 25 movies of the moment:

1. The Social Network

2. Winter's Bone

3. Inception

4. Toy Story 3

5. Black Swan

6. The King's Speech

7. The Kids Are All Right

8. Carlos

9. 127 Hours

10. The Ghost Writer

11. Exit Through the Gift Shop

12. True Grit

13. Another Year

14. Inside Job

15. The Fighter

16. Dogtooth

17. A Prophet

18. Greenberg

19. The Town

20. Let Me In

21. I Am Love

22. Please Give

23. Wild Grass

24. Sweetgrass

25. Shutter Island

And No. 26 is White Material, which made many major critics' Top 10 lists and I found paradoxically haunting and both utterly incoherent and utterly predictable.

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