The 49th Annual Publicist Awards Ceremony Date Announced

The luncheon will be held on February 24, the Friday before the Academy Awards.
Jennifer Allen, who won last year's highest honor, the Les Mason Award

The 49th Annual Publicist Awards Luncheon will take place in its traditional slot on the Friday before the Oscars, the International Cinematographers Guild announced Monday.

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"These awards shine the spotlight on the people largely responsible for filling movie theater seats and delivering television viewers,” said Henri Bollinger, awards committee chairman. “Until the introduction of these awards, the contribution of publicists within the entertainment industry was ignored.”

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The awards on Feb. 24, 2012 will once again be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. More than 1,000 people in the movie and TV industry typically attend.

The categories in which awards are presented are Motion Picture Showman of the Year, Television Showman of the Year, Lifetime Achievement, Maxwell Weinberg Publicist Award for a Television Campaign and separately for a Movie Campaign, Les Mason Award for Career Achievement in Publicity, Excellence in Unit Still Photography and the Bob Yeager Award for Community Service.

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