'Argo's' CIA Inspiration Compares Real Life to Movies with Former First Daughter Jenna Bush

Tony Mendez Today NBC - H 2013

Tony Mendez Today NBC - H 2013

Tony Mendez, the CIA agent whose exploits in Iran inspired the film Argo, sat down with NBC's Jenna Bush to discuss his history with the agency and Ben Affleck's critically-acclaimed movie. 

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Bush, the daughter of former President George W. Bush, also asked Mendez if he's rooting for the film to win the Best Picture award at the Oscars on Feb. 24. "Are you kidding me?," he replied affirmatively. "So, we'll have our fingers crossed," Bush responded.

"Yeah, and we'll blow up their car if it doesn't happen," Mendez joked.

When Bush asked the former agent what he thinks of Hollywood depictions of the spy agency, Mendez explained that he hoped Argo was the start of a new trend. 

"Mostly, [Hollywood makes] movies about the CIA, they have the CIA guy [as] a deranged assassin. What we're hoping is that we're going to start a new trend and make the CIA guys lovable," he said, joking. "And I'm the first loveable spy." 

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