Bradley Cooper, David O. Russell Meeting with Vice President Biden on Mental Healthcare

Bradley Cooper David O. Russell AFI - P 2012
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Bradley Cooper David O. Russell AFI - P 2012

Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln aren't the only Oscar-nominated films to catch the attention of lawmakers in Washington.

Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell and star Bradley Cooper will meet with Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday to discuss issues of mental health care in America, an aide to the veep told Politico. Biden has led the White House charge on gun control, and a significant part of its proposed legislation has to do with providing better mental health care to Americans. Several of the executive actions that President Obama signed after his speech on gun-control proposals were aimed at mental health, as well.

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Alleged Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza and alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes were said to struggle with mental illness.

In Silver Linings, Cooper plays a bipolar man who recently was released from a mental hospital and is struggling to put his life back together. The film was informed by Russell's own son's struggles with bipolar disorder.

"It’s very personal to me. My son, I’ve been through this with my son and his friend, and that’s why I did the movie," Russell told The Hollywood Reporter at the film's New York premiere in November. "So when it’s personal, you know that you’re coming from the right place. You’re not coming from a reckless place. You’re coming from a very careful place. I’m 18 years deep with this kid, so I’m very invested in him and his friends."