Pitt Answers 4 Probing Questions (And Shares 'Moneyball' stories)


In between shots at The Hollywood Reporter's Brad Pitt cover shoot, Brad answers some tough questions: do his kids watch his films, what was up with that cane he's had recently and what people still don't know about him. 

The actor also shares his respect for former Oakland A's manager Billy Beane, on whom Moneyball , which was nominated for two Oscars, one for Brad as Best Actor and the film for Best Picture, was based.

As for his six kids, Pitt says they haven't seen many of his films. "I want them to find them on their own when they get older and see what they mean to them then," he says. 

When THR asked him if someone told him he had to choose between being only an actor or a producer,  Pitt said, "I couldn't do it, I couldn't do it."

Watch the video to find out why.