Brett Ratner's Oscar Telecast: 10 Best Twitter Reactions

The academy stuns Hollywood twitterers by naming Brett Ratner as co-producer of the next Oscar telecast.
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Brett Ratner


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Thursday announcement of Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, X-Men: The Last Stand) as a producer of the 2012 Academy Awards telecast (with experienced Oscar producer Don Mischer) hit the Twittersphere like an explosion in a Brett Ratner movie.

A few tweets were on Ratner's side, like joshbrunsting, who wrote, "I wonder...debating whether or not Ratner producing the Oscars is bad. kind of think he is oddly a good fit for something like that. Maybe."

Most tweets on the subject were akin to brandonspears (possibly channeling Ratner dialog): "For the love of God, no. NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

Here are ten gut-reaction tweets to Ratner's new gig, more or less representative of the majority:

"8/14/11 -- Dow drops 500, Margaret gets a release date and Brett Ratner is announced as Oscar co-producer #apocalypseiscoming"

-- HitFixGregory

"Brett Ratner producing the Oscars is like letting Thanos manage the Justice League - not just wrong 'side,' wrong UNIVERSE."

-- the_moviebob

"I don't know why everybody's Chicken Little-ing about Brett Ratner producing the Oscars. 1) It keeps him from producing movies...But I will forgive Ratner everything if he can make sure Robert Evans wins the Lifetime Achievement Oscar (get Irish to present it)."-- jessehawken

"Sponsors include Axe, Ed Hardy and Four Loko." --MadisonMathews

 "Host Chris Tucker: 'Do u understand the nominees that r comin outta my mouth?'" -- publishersteve
*"Brett Ratner is co-producing the Oscars because apparently they couldn't meet Uwe Boll's quote." --

"They asked Malick, but he needed more time. They gave him the 2020 ceremony." -- moviedork18

"The Oscars telecast has been so terrible in recent years that it could be the first thing to ever be improved by Brett Ratner's involvement." -- alexlitel

"I guess they wanted it to suck in fresh, exciting new ways. Kudos!" -- CEDownes

"There's no one in Hollywood who is more Hollywood than Brett Ratner, and it seems as if Hollywood is having trouble accepting that today." -- Justin_Marks

*Editor's note: This quote was erroneously attributed to mikemovie. The correct author is ADuralde, aka Alonso Duralde.

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