Charlie Sheen Fails to Submit Himself for Emmy Consideration

Charlie Sheen - LIVE: My Violent Torpedo Of Truth - 3 - 2011
Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

Charlie Sheen is not eligible for an Emmy this year for his performance on the aborted eighth season of CBS' Two and a Half Men. The actor's name is missing from the Emmy ballot list just posted on the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences website because Sheen failed to submit himself for consideration.

A source close to the actor tells THR that the star was given notice of his ability to submit,  with ample time to do so, but Sheen neglected to follow through. He missed several key deadlines, despite an extension due to a loophole in Academy rules. "It’s up to the individual, whether they want to engage or not engage," says Academy chief John Shaffner. "It was his choice."

The first blown opportunity was April 29, when Sheen did not submit by the deadline that other Emmy hopefuls had to meet. But the academy gave Sheen a special break because other performers on Two and a Half Men submitted on time, and the rule book encourages the inclusion of "all eligible entrants."

"When his representative came forward [on May 3] to ask if he could be included in the cluster of performers who were already entered, we considered the above inclusionary rule applicable," says a TV Academy rep, "because a loose confederacy of other performer reps had already submitted a partial but incomplete team of principal performers, and with Charlie in we would have accomplished the rule's letter and spirit intent of having 'all eligible entrants' in the fold."

Then Sheen missed the drop-dead deadline, the May 25 end of "proofing week," when normal entrants or their reps proofread all entries to make sure everything is correct. There is no appeals process, so his exclusion on the official ballot means that even Academy members who want to vote for Sheen will not be able to do so.

Men co-stars Jon Cryer, Angus T. Young, Holland Taylor, guest star Jane Lynch, and others submitted themselves, although Warner Bros., which fired Sheen in April and replaced him with Ashton Kutcher, ultimately decided not to submit the show itself for consideration in the outstanding comedy series category.

Sheen is a four-time Emmy nominee for his role on Men but he has never won.