Emmy Fashion 2011: Giorgio Armani Dresses Two Big Hollywood Stars

Both "The Good Wife" star Julianna Marguiles and "Top Chef's" Padma Lakshmi donned the designer's gowns on Sunday.

The 2011 Emmy Awards haven't even begun and Giorgio Armani is already a winner, dressing two stunning TV stars.

The Good Wife Best Actress nominee Julianna Margulies swept the carpet in the Italian designer's stunning white satin structured bodice  gown from his Armani Prive collection. For those of you who don't speak fashionese, Prive is Armani's couture line and that means extremely expensive, made to measure, just for your body.

Former Emmy nominee Top Chef Padma Lakshmi was also in a one-shoulder gold satin Armani Prive design. She explained that she had quite a few dresses ready and they were all gorgeous. But she told E!'s Kelly Osbourne that she first saw this Armani Prive gown yesterday when she flew into Los Angeles.

As she sweetly put it," What could be nicer than an Armani dress?" What indeed. But unless she was fitted for this gown months ago, this means she is probably a designer sample size 2 and only a few tweaks were necessary for a runway-worn gown to fit her like a glove.

Praising Armani effusively, the gorgeous chef describes the experience of wearing her couture gown: "It's like wearing a nightgown."

 So the girl is gorgeous, she can cook and she's probably a size 2. Feel free to hate her.