Emmy Reactions: What the Nominated Stars and Execs Are Saying

Bryan Cranston Zooey Deschanel Split - H 2012
Frank Ockenfels/AMC; Autumn Dewilde/FOX

Bryan Cranston Zooey Deschanel Split - H 2012

The 64th annual Primetime Emmy Awards nominations were announced Thursday morning. Here's what the nominees are saying about the honor:

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Bryan Cranston, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama, Breaking Bad: "It’s kinda like, alright I’ve received enough love – I’m not entitled to this much love! But it's wonderful, really. I'm not one to throw a big bash for myself, so I’m going to go for a run-- I’m going to sweat. That will be my celebration. I'm very pleased, especially for Vince [Gilligan]!" -- Stacey Wilson

Julia Louis-Dreyfus made history this morning:  The Veep star is now tied with Lucille Ball as the most nominated comedy actress in Emmy history. “I’m so happy! Especially for the show getting a nomination too,” said Louis-Dreyfus from her room at the Four Seasons. “I must admit though, I was dead asleep when they were announced. I don’t wake up for these things; I feel like that jinxes it. Today I’m going to celebrate by getting my teeth cleaned. Oh yes, I’m splurging! Oh, I’m also very excited about our casting director Allison Jones, getting nominated as well. the truth is, the women in this category are just exceptionally talented. Lena Dunham and Girls are so incredible! Sorry, I don’t have good sound bites. I’m sitting kind of in total disbelief. It’s been a wild ride and it’s continuing, God dammit!” -- Stacey Wilson

Having wrapped at 1 a.m. the night before, Homeland star Damian Lewis was fast asleep when he received his first-ever Emmy nomination for best actor in a drama series. “You never take awards seriously until you’re nominated. And then you take them very seriously,” he says, still in his pajamas as he absorbs the news which came first from a Showtime publicist. “It’s just nice to be part of the club,” he continues, describing his current state as “elated.” While the rest of his cast spend their evening on the Charlotte, North Carolina, set hard at work on the Emmy-nominated drama’s second season, he and his wife, Helen, will be out to dinner celebrating. He adds: “And there will be champagne.” -- Lacey Rose

“I was sound asleep and Howard woke me up,” says Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa of his co-creator and long-time friend, Howard Gordon. “I was very late in the editing room last night, so I have an excuse,” he continues, adding: “but it was a great alarm clock.” Indeed, their CIA thriller is now prepping for its second season with nine nominations, including best drama, best actor (Damian Lewis) and best actress (Claire Danes), to add to a collection of accolades that already comprises of Golden Globes, Writers and Directors Guild Awards and a Peabody. But rather than spend the day celebrating, the veteran producers are headed back into the story room, where they’re hard at work breaking episode nine. Adds Gordon, “But there will be alcohol, I’m sure.” -- Lacey Rose

Connie Britton, Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie, American Horror Story: "The Emmy thing is such an elusive and wonderful thing because I realize every time I've been nominated, I've been completely shocked -- each time in a different way," said Britton, who scored two previous nominations for her role as one of TV's best mothers onNBC/DirecTV's Friday Night Lights. "American Horror Story was a really unique and special show, I felt so fortunate to be able to do it and to have this be the dividend from that is just really extraordinary." -- Lesley Goldberg

Zooey Deschanel, Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, New Girl: "I became an actor because I love acting, and it doesn't matter what the medium is," Deschanel tells THR. "I was doing movies and when this opportunity came with such an amazing group of people, I felt like it was totally worth it to commit myself. And I feel really lucky that I get to work with them and collaborate over a long period of time. Max Greenfield is a real exciting thing, because when he tested for our pilot, he had tested for like ten pilots the year before and been second for everything. It's pretty exciting to see him succeeding and showing all of those people that they underestimated Max Greenfield." -- Michael O'Connell

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It was business as usual for Boardwalk Empire's Steve Buscemi as he received news of his fifth career Emmy nomination like many others do: from his publicist. The actor, who by 6:30 a.m. was on his way to the set of the HBO Emmy-nominated drama, said he's most excited for the crew, who have been working hard in the East Coast heat. "It's good because the show was nominated and it always really helps with morale for the crew," he said. Buscemi noted he was disappointed that former co-star Michael Pitt, whose character Jimmy died at the hands of Buscemi's ruthless Nucky in the Season 2 finale, failed to receive a nomination. "It would have been a nicer way to go -- out with a nomination," he added. As for celebrating, it'll be more work for Buscemi. "I'm actually going to be working on Adam Sandler's movie tonight, so I'll be with a different crew." -- Lesley Goldberg

Upon hearing that she'd received her first ever nomination for Breaking Bad, Anna Gunn couldn't contain her emotions. “I started making loud noises in my living room and my girls were like, ‘Mommy what’s going on?’" said Gunn. "I really thought I was going sleep through it but my eyes opened at 5:28 am. I thought, ‘Ok, if the phone rings, good. If not, I’ll go back to sleep.’ To be recognized  alongside Maggie Smith, who is one of my favorite actresses, is just incredible. I’m so happy for Bryan, Giancarlo, Aaron, Mark Margolis, and Vince. Today I’ll be doing happy dances with girls, but I also have normal things to take care of, like my car is in the shop. But I will plan to have a celebration dinner with friends for tonight. It’s been such an incredible time, coming off of Comic Con, our big ratings – a glorious 10 days. On a day like this, you don’t remember those long days where you think, ‘Ugh, I can’t go on much longer.' It’s such a great day for Breaking Bad!" -- Stacey Wilson

Glenn Close, Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Damages: "I was woken up by a call here at my mom's house in Big Piney, Wyoming. Crowded? if you're talking cattle, yes, human beings, no. I see a hawk out the window. This nomination [her 12th, including  two wins for Damages] is really quite different, because it represents for me the end of a five-year journey. I very much feel like I'm representing all the people who made it, particularly our writers Todd and Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman. It's like a great modern novel. I have a great feeling of closure, it's very gratifying. It's been one of the rides of my life. People had a hard time finding us, but thank God Sony and DirecTV got together and we had another two seasons. It's as good as anything I've ever done. TV has become a place where some of the most creative talent and writers want to work. Studio movies are such a different proposition these days, thank God there's a place that's so daring, risky, and challenging. I'm proud to be a part of it. How to celebrate? We'll throw in our hooks and pull some trout from the river. Blackened trout — it'll be delicious!" -- Timothy Appelo

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Michelle Dockery, Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Downton Abbey: "I was in the publicity office watching the live stream of the nominations so I watched it as it happened, which is thrilling. I'm over the moon. 16 nominations, it's incredible. To be nominated alongside those amazing women, I'm honored, really. This evening we have a cast and crew screening of episode one of the third series at Ealing Studios — I haven't seen it and I can hardly wait -- so we're all heading down there tonight and I'm sure there'll be a few bottles of champagne for everyone. And then tomorrow myself and some of the cast will fly to LA to do the TCA press tour, which is perfect timing, really. So we can celebrate there, too. Each year seems to get better. We never could have guessed how huge the show would get. It's wonderful to play a character over three years and play out her journey. It's all credit to Julian [Fellowes]. It all starts with the writing. Saturday evening in L.A., Brendan Coyle, Jo Froggatt and Hugh Bonneville, who are also nominated, will be out there as well. So I'm sure we'll all raise a glass somewhere. In good weather, which we're all looking forward to, as it's pretty rainy here." -- Timothy Appelo

The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons, who was nominated for the third time for Leading Actor in a Comedy, noted that the series nomination means the Emmys would be a bigger party for the show. "Last year the show was nominated for the first time and it was so much more fun than even I predicted; to have so many people from the show representing -- you get all these tickets! -- all evening you keep finding someone from the show you work with, it really is the way to do it," he says. "And we didn't even win!" -- Lesley Goldberg

Bill Paxton, Actor in a TV Movie/Miniseries, Hatfields & McCoys: "My first reaction? 'I'm late for breakfast.' I'm sitting looking at the Hollywood Hills on the eighth floor in my late dad's apartment in West Hollywood. I came down from Ventura County where I live, and I purposely kind of tried to forget that these nominations were coming out, although I've been more aware of it than I normally would, because there was at least some buzz. But to tell you the truth I woke up thinking I was late for a breakfast meeting at 8, I roll over, I turn the phone over to see if this meeting is still on, there's 20 messages on my phone. It was on silent. I suddenly realize, 'Wait a minute, I don't get this many messages, I must've gotten nominated.' So I'm kind of trying to come out of the ether, and God — I'm thrilled for everybody. I should've grown a beard a lot sooner, is what I'm telling people. It's a Cinderella story: here's a fledgling effort by a network that's been doing a certain dryer kind of thing, and now they're doing a big scripted thing. They could've gotten a pie in the face. Instead, they hand-picked everybody. Kevin Reynolds, a big feature director, did a great job, and Kevin Costner drove a lot of traffic to this, because of all the Westerns he's been in. I don't know how I'll celebrate. I have to get a pair of glasses, get back to the house, and take my daughter to camp tomorrow. The most exciting thing is to get the news you've been nominated." -- Timothy Appelo

Max Greenfield, Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, New Girl: "I walked into hair and makeup this morning and Paul Rudd, who's the star of the movie, turns to me and goes, 'Hey man, congratulations on being nominated for an Emmy.' What the f--- is going on with my life?" he tells THR. "Two years ago I was auditioning for Zeke and Luther, and now I'm walking to hair and makeup and Paul Rudd is congratulating me on my Emmy nomination. I don't know what's happening." -- Michael O'Connell

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Eric Stonestreet, Supporting Actor in a Comedy, Modern Family: "It feels great," Stonestreet said of his third consecutive Emmy nom for Modern Family. "It feels really good. I never thought I'd be a three-time Emmy nominee. It always feels good to be nominated alongside the people you work with." He found out the news this morning when a phone call from a friend woke him up. "I was in the same place I've been the past two years. Asleep in bed." While excited about his nomination, he's also anxious to get back to work on the show. "We're getting ready to start the fourth season, and that's what I'm looking forward to doing," he said. -- Brandon Kirby

Brendan Coyle, Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Downton Abbey: "I was sitting in the sun on a break having tea, and my producer, who's always got three phones on, came over and said, 'Hello, Emmy-nominated Brendan Coyle.' It's fantastic. So it was very, very lovely when they announced to the ensemble that we had 16 nominations. Quite a scene here today. So I had a little moment, I was overwhelmed. And then I had to carry on and get back to work. I'm actually smiling at Jim Carter. He's in costume, we're nominated alongside each other in the same category, which is rather hilarious. Jim Carter's still the boss — when he walks into the room we'll all stand up. That won't change. Tomorrow morning we fly out to TCA. I've never been to LA before. So it's a very, very nice way to come in and say hello." -- Timothy Appelo

Giancarlo Esposito, Supporting Actor in a Drama, Breaking Bad: After 47 years as an actor, Esposito said he was “basking in the glow” of his first ever Emmy nomination. “My publicist couldn’t sleep and called me right away. And then in tandem my four kids called me on speakerphone: ‘Papa we knew you could do it!' " said Esposito from Wilmington, North Carolina, where he is filming his new NBC drama, Revolution. “I’m terribly excited. I could jump through the roof right now. I had so much love for playing Gus Fring, this character I created with Vince Gilligan. He was so different from me, that I think I channeled him as opposed to ‘playing him.’ I feel a lot of love in my heart; a warm and fuzzy feeling for this deep and profound honor. I look forward to having a nice cool glass of champagne today to celebrate.” -- Stacey Wilson

Mayim Bialik, Supporting Actress in a Comedy, The Big Bang Theory: "I don't even know that I was that conscious of the Emmys even when I was on TV as a young person, it wasn't as big of a publicized deal as it is now -- but I never ever pictured myself up there," she tells THR. How does the former Blossom star plan to celebrate her first nomination? "We're going to Legoland with the kids, and my best friend said she would buy me two vegan cupcakes today," she says. -- Lesley Goldberg

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For Jared Harris, a very sad finale to his arc as Lane Pryce on Mad Men had a very happy ending. “I’m in Wales, visiting an old friend of my dad’s [actor Richard Harris] and we were cooking him lunch when my publicist called. I heard my girlfriend shriek and she started jumping up and down. I thought for a second she was prank calling me!” The Brit says his nomination “takes a bit of the string out of being hung” on Mad Men, and admitted he hasn’t yet seen that fateful episode yet. In the meantime, he was toasting his special day. “We cracked open some wine and are knocking some back already!” he said. -- Stacey Wilson

Mare Winningham, Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Hatfields & McCoys: "The phone rang at 9:06. I knew they were coming in at 8:45. I don't have a television and my internet connection was out from this freak hailstorm we had. So I was cut off from the world. So I had this peaceful half hour of like, 'Oh well, hopefully the miniseries got nominated, but I guess I didn't.' I just figured my phone would be ringing. Then it did. The producer sounded stunned, and so was I. He said, '16!' I said, '16 nominations?' '16!' I was pretty overjoyed, as one might imagine. For such a large group of people to have such a large amount of nominations was pretty gratifying. The time we spent together in Romania was a pleasure, it was hard to let it go. I'm thrilled we get to reunite and get happy again. We're pickin' each other off on camera going into blood and madness, and then behind the scenes we couldn't have had more fun. One by one looking at the nominations I just get so happy for each and every one. If I had my way everyone would have one. But because there are 16 it feels like it represents the whole thing. And it's so great for History to get this for their inaugural production. I'm doing a play in New York, a huge hit, Tribes, it won the Drama Desk for best off-Broadway play and we just got extended to January. I plan to take a bottle of champagne to the theater tonight for a party in the green room before the play. All I can think is what a blast we'll have when the group reunites in September. That'll be the true celebration." -- Timothy Appelo

Game Change's Sarah Paulson had multiple reasons to celebrate Thursday. The actress picked up her first Emmy nomination for her role in HBO's political TV movie Game Change, and was part of the cast of FX's anthology series, American Horror Story -- which tied with Mad Men for a leading 17 mentions. Hoarse after screaming upon hearing news of her nomination from her publicist despite her best efforts to sleep despite the thought of the nominations clouding her thoughts, Paulson said she was honored to be nominated along with co-stars including Julianne Moore. "Julianne emailed me early this morning to say congrats -- and that she was excited to be going together," says Paulson, who added the conversation quickly turned to fashion. As for plans to celebrate, Paulson said she'll spend the day at work on Season 2 of American Horror Story with her fellow supporting actress in a miniseries nominee, Jessica Lange. "I'll probably go out tonight to have a drink or two," she added. -- Lesley Goldberg

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The Big Bang Theory showrunner Bill Prady, said Thursday's nominations -- including its second for best comedy series -- is acknowledgement that the series is doing what it sets out to do every day. "The goal when we come in every morning is to make a show people like, that people watch and that we like and want to watch," he said. "It's fun feeling like you're part of that group of shows that people acknowledge." -- Lesley Goldberg

Chuck Lorre: “I'm just really proud and happy for the TV Academy's recognition of Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik from TBBT, Jon Cryer and Kathy Bates from Two and a Half Men, and Melissa McCarthy from Mike & Molly (and SNL!). Then you add in the nom for TBBT which honors everyone: cast, crew, writing staff, production staff, and the editing, lighting and art direction tech noms for all three shows -- and I'm in danger of using overflowing cup cliches.” 

How did the Project Runway gang celebrate its reality competition series nomination? By working on the new season, which happens to launch Thursday evening. "Today's a great day in any case," exclaimed host/executive producer Heidi Klum. "We're already celebrating and in champagne mode over here. On top of that, the Emmy nomination, so we're double happy." Klum, who was up at 4:30 a.m. for the morning interview circuit touting season 10, found out about the nomination following an appearance on Good Morning America. "From there, I went to Live With Kelly!, then we did a photo op in Times Square and then Parsons because we're filming today for a runway show [on the show]," she says. For Klum, Runway's continued recognition shows that you don't have to be biggest production to gain Emmy love. "That just shows you that you can be the underdog and not the show with the biggest budget. It doesn't have to be the biggest stage, the greatest lights, three hours live and all these things happening and helicopters are flying," Klum says. -- Philiana Ng

“It doesn’t get old,” Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan joked of his long-running ABC comedy’s 14 nominations. The veteran producer had tried to watch the morning’s announcement from his computer in bed, but struggled to get the live stream up and running in time. In the end, he went online and readabout the show’s haul, which includes another best comedy nom and supporting actor attention for his six stars. “It’s a bit of an embarrassment of riches, but they all deserve it,” he says of his cast --Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, Eric Stonestreet, Ed O’Neill, Ty Burrell and Jesse Tyler Ferguson-- before adding: “I hate to sound piggish, but I wish there were room for the kids too.” On a more personal note, Levitan is thrilled with the director nomination he received and plans to do more helming going forward. In fact, he’ll direct three episodes, including the series’ premiere, for the upcoming season, as opposed to the one per season he’s done in the past. Meantime, he has a half-hour or so of celebrating with his fellow writers ahead of him –“gossiping about those who were nominated and those who weren’t,” he laughs— before they dive in on a re-write of the fourth season premiere. -- Lacey Rose

Ryan Murphy, Co-Creator of American Horror Story: "In the tradition of the entertainment industry, horror stuff is usually not that well rewarded and has a stigma over it -- if you look at movies, The Exorcist and Silence of the Lambs broke that mold a little -- but on television, not that much," he tells THR while discussing the show's  17 Emmy nominations. "I was thrilled that it could overcome the stigma and the voters can really see how great the production values were, how wonderful the acting was, how it was really trying to make a social statement about the world that we live in today." -- Lesley Goldberg

"I wanted to do the part justice, but it's a double-edge sword: I'm very proud and I loved that script but on the other side, I hated it because it's real life," Glee's lone acting nominee Dot-Marie Jones says of the story that saw her character show up to McKinley High with a black eye courtesy of her new on-screen husband, Cooter. "I cry when I get some of the emails and Twitter messages about the story line. You don't realize the affect you have on people until you hear it from them." -- Lesley Goldberg

Vince Gilligan, Outstanding Drama Series, Breaking Bad: “I’m having a damn fine day," said Gilligan from his offices in Burbank. "I must admit, I was awake early this morning, trying to sleep. I was kind of bummed out somebody reminded me yesterday that the nominations were today! I was hoping I wouldn’t remember. I was like Christmas; one where I’d either wake up with a lot of gifts or a lump of coal. But the 13 nominations are just wonderful, especially for best drama series because that includes everyone. I'm so happy for the actors! Anna [Gunn], Mark [Margolis], Giancarlo [Esposito]. And of course Aaron [Paul] and Bryan [Cranston]." Gilligan said one nom in particular was thrilling for him. "My directing nomination for “Face Off”…because I think of myself more as a writer. I think about all the folks I learned from about directing on The X Files. And my repeated viewings of The Godfather. I crib a lot from Coppola!" As for celebrating, Gilligan said that would take a backseat for now. "I don’t have much time to celebrate today as I will be editing until late tonight. Then we jump back into the writers’ room for the final eight episodes. I have a lot of lead-time, so I’m not too stressed yet. As long as they keep making Nob Creek, I’m in good shape!” -- Stacey Wilson

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Jeremy Davies, Guest Actor in a Drama Series, Justified: "If I ever stop turning recklessly high velocity cartwheels, I plan to celebrate by expressing god-sized thanks to Graham Yost, John Landgraf and all my criminally gifted Justified family members, because I recognize full well that this has profoundly little to do with me as an individual and everything to do with the fact that Graham and John welcomed into their creative tribe wildly against their better judgment, and consistently surrounded me with radically talented individuals." -- Timothy Appelo

Seth Green was attempting to sleep in and recover from Comic-Con early Thursday when he received a wake-up call from his publicist informing him of Robot Chicken's nomination for outstanding shortform animated program. The show's sixth mention in the category (Green and company have won once) was extra special this year as it came for its 100th episode. "It was a really ambitious thing that we did and we're really happy and excited about the outcome," a raspy-voiced Green said. As for celebrating, it'll be limted as Green is flying to the Bay Area for work. "It won't really be much, I'm going to try and be in bed before 11:30." -- Lesley Goldberg

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“I don’t think it can possibly get old,” says Modern Family co-creator Christopher Lloyd of his ABC comedy’s latest Emmy haul of 14 nominations. Particularly rewarding for the veteran producer, who was alerted to the news by a “Wowie!” text message from his star Julie Bowen, was the recognition of his cast. Once again, all six stars --Bowen, Sofia Vergara, Ed O’Neil, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Ty Burrell-- were nominated in the supporting actor category. “It really speaks to the fact that this is a team effort,” he says, noting that he’s “tickled” by the continued adoration for the 20th TV-produced series. Just don’t expect to see the famously private producer join his cast on stage if the show nabs another best comedy win: “I consider it a good luck charm to stay home and celebrate the Emmys in my own private way,” he explains, adding: “But I will be with everyone in spirit.” -- Lacey Rose

Danny Strong, Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special, Game Change: "I was watching the announcements, went online to see if I was nominated, and there I was. It was really exciting. I did a word search of the Emmy pdf document. Ego surfing, I think that's accurate. I would not ask for a retraction. I immediately searched to see who else got nominated, and it's really fun that no one got left out. It's a big celebration — all the major categories, we got it. What's nice about this is that when it came out, there was no way for it not to be shrouded in politics. The reviews had so much discussion of the political angle of the project, and now that's over, and it's nice to be recognized for its quality. We didn't make it as a political statement on the candidates of either party. We wanted a bird's eye view of our political system, and that kind of got lost in the immediate discussion because of the personalities being portrayed. These nominations feel like they're based on the merit of the film as a piece of entertainment, a piece of art. We're trying to make a great movie, and the fact that other people feel that way is satisfying. Tonight I'm going to see Cate Blanchett in Uncle Vanya, and I guess I'll get a drink afterwards to celebrate. After the long Russian winter." -- Timothy Appelo

Carson Daly, Speaking on Behalf of Reality Competition Nominee The Voice: "I think that gasp was coming from us too," Daly says of presenter Kerry Washington's reaction to The Voice getting a nom and American Idol being overlooked. "It's awesome, we're excited and we're certainly humbled by the nomination. There was a lot of tack about fatigue in these singing competitions, and I think we were able to prove them wrong. There are all of these pieces of the puzzle, from the judges to the format, but we really want to make a show about the singers. "We don't think there's any comedy to people trying to make it in singing." -- Michael O'Connell

Cat Deeley, Reality Host, So You Think You Can Dance: "I'm a little groggy now, but nothing a few eye drops and a glass of champagne won't fix," Deeley told THR at 9:30 a.m., admitting that she hadn't started drinking but that "it could happen at any second." "It's such an amazing adventure. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would still be here or that the show would do well. But here I am, still tricking all of you. It's brilliant, just because the team who work on the show are so great. I'm so lucky to work on show where you don't feel like your going to work." -- Michael O'Connell

Bertram Van Munster woke up in a cold sweat at 3:51 a.m. this morning fearing his long-running series Amazing Race didn’t get its nomination. Alas, it was just a bad dream. His CBS effort not only picked up its 10th nomination in the outstanding reality competition category, but also scored six additional nominations in other categories. “It’s an incredibly humbling experience,” he says, revealing that his collection of 16 Emmys that he shares with his wife, executive producer Elise Doganieri, are currently being housed in his dining room: “They’re like one big, happy family ready to have breakfast for us.” -- Lacey Rose

Seth Yanklewitz, Casting for a Comedy Series, New Girl: "It's an amazing morning," Yanklewitz tells THR. "We're super thrilled about the casting nomination, but proud that two of our cast are in there. I met Max [Greenfield] about eight years ago. I've always remembered him. When I read this script, I knew he was right for the role. He came in and he just nailed it. And Zooey, it was so amazing to be able to cast her in a series. I'm not sure how you celebrate something like this. When it happens to you for the first time, it's just really amazing." -- Michael O'Connell

Robert Herjavec was up early and got the official word that ABC's Shark Tank had scored its first Emmy nomination for outstanding reality program from a producer. "It's incredibly humbling to be on a show that we all believed in from Day 1," he said of the entry, which rebounded after a slow start to received additional episodes ordered from studio Sony Pictures Television. "We have to film all day today so we may do a little more drinking tonight," he said with a laugh. -- Lesley Goldberg

David Nevins, Showtime Entertainment Chief: “You put a show on the air, you think it’s good, but you don’t know if anyone is ever going to care,” says Showtime entertainment chief David Nevins of Homeland, the first series he greenlighted in his now two-year-old gig. “Clearly, this show has seeped into the zeitgeist and I think this is recognition of it.” That recognition with which he’s referring: nine nominations for the net’s freshman CIA thriller, including those in the all-important best drama, actor (Damian Lewis), actress (Claire Danes), writing and directing categories. Missing from that list was co-star Mandy Patinkin, who Nevins “promises” will “be part of the club” next year, having seen the work the veteran actor has put in for the show’s upcoming second season. But Nevins’ excitement extends beyond Homeland, with eight of his 10 shows (or 11, depending on how you count) getting some form of Emmy attention this morning, including Nurse Jackie’s Edie Falco, Dexter’s Michael C. Hall and House of Lies' Don Cheadle scoring best actor noms. “I love the diversity,” he adds of the network's total haul of 22, noting that he was disappointed to see the broadcast networks –The Good Wife and Parenthood, in particular-- shut out of the best drama race. -- Lacey Rose

Charlie Collier, AMC President: “It’s remarkable,” AMC president Charlie Collier says of his network’s 34 Emmy nominations, the most of any basic cable network in contention. (Runners up FX and History garnered 26 and 17, respectively.) He adds of the adoration showered on Mad Men –vying for a record six consecutive drama win-- and Breaking Bad, both of which are nominated in the best drama category: “We’re rooting for a tie.” But with all of the excitement among those gathered in Collier’s mid-town Manhattan office Thursday morning to celebrate such things as Mad Men's 17 noms and Breaking Bad's 13, the team forced itself to get back to business as usual with a long-term planning meeting. “You get the validation and then you get back to work,” explains Collier, who has spoken to or texted with many of his nominees. -- Lacey Rose

Jake Kasdan, Directing for a Comedy Series, New Girl: "I got a text message from Liz Meriwether, which is kind of perfect," Kasdan says of his wake-up call. "The whole New Girl experience has been sort of this simple thing. Liz called me and asked me to this pilot about a year and a half ago. This incredible cast we have. The fun of making New Girl is the fact that we all like working together. I love to be on set and actually shooting." In regards to acting noms for Zooey Deschanel and Max Greenfield, Kasdan says he's, "just totally thrilled." "With Zooey, it's well-deserved, obviously, and we hoped and thought maybe there was a chance that could happen. With Max, that's the thing you're quietly hope for but afraid to talk about. What he does on the show is so brilliant, and he's such a good guy. My family and I are all sort of raising our coffee cups this morning." -- Michael O'Connell

Julianna Margulies, Lead Actress in a Drama, The Good Wife: “I am so honored to be nominated for The Good Wife.  The Academy has been very supportive of me over the years and my appreciation is boundless.”


Kevin Shinick, Outstanding Short Format Animated Program, MAD: MAD producer Kevin Shinick woke up to “an array of beeping noises on my phone,” he says, noting that a flurry of congratulatory texts came flooding in from producers and friends. “It was a good way to be woken up,” he continues of MAD’s outstanding short format animated program nom, still giddy with excitement as his series preps for its fourth season. As for celebrating, he says he’s considering moving “bagel Fridays” up a day. And yes, there will likely be some champagne too.