Emmys 2012: Julianne Moore Credits Tina Fey and Katie Couric for Sarah Palin Scrutiny

The "Game Change" winner says she meant to thank both women for "how influential" they were in the 2008 election.

HBO's Game Change nearly swept the miniseries categories during Sunday's Emmys, and the presence of parodied Sarah Palin was felt in the speeches and the winners' reactions backstage.

"I feel so validated since Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down," Julianne Moore said onstage, accepting her Emmy for playing the 2008 vice presidential nominee.

After the show, Moore spoke a bit more about what Palin might think of the films' many kudos.

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"I really don't know," she said. "This isn't as much about Sarah Palin as it is about the process... how we pick our leaders. That's what was so interesting to me about the film."

And there are two women Moore thinks were paramount to that process in 2008, both of whom she says she wanted to thank in her speech.

"The one thing I left out of my acceptance speech was Tina Fey and Katie Couric," she said of the Saturday Night Live impersonation and CBS News interview that prompted much of Palin's criticism. "In my research, I saw how influential they were. I really learned a lot."

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Palin and many other politicos may not be fans of the film, but Emmy-winning writer Danny Strong says it has nothing to do with the accuracy of the way his movie addressed the election.

"I think that the way to solve problem [of criticism] is to make the film as truthful and accurate as possible, so when you're critics call you out for being unfair, you know that you were and those are partisan attacks," he said.

Strong also got a bit of advice on how to thicken his skin to attacks a few years ago, when he first tackled politics with Recount, which chronicled the Florida voting confusion of the 2000 election.

"Sydney Pollack said you're going to need a helmet and a cup," said Strong. "I never forgot that."