Emmys 2011 Red Carpet Report: Good Luck Charms, Pre-Show Rituals and Lucky Pink Panties

Pieces of red carpet, lucky wallets and robot cufflinks: THR gets the full report from the pre-show scene.
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Julie Stiles

With some carrying water bottles, mini-fans and towels, the Emmy red carpet brought out a string of good luck charms and superstitions. From robot cufflinks and literal pieces of the red carpet, The Hollywood Reporter chatted with stars from Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Glee and more to get the inside scoop from the red-hot red carpet.

1. Big Bang Theory executive producer Steve Molaro, attending his first Emmys, brought a little piece of the Emmy-nominated comedy series with him, sporting his very nerdy robot cufflinks in a tip of the hat to the geek-central CBS series. “I don’t know what’s going to happen today, but if you’re wearing robot cufflinks, you’ve already won,” he told THR.

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2. The Good Wife duo Robert and Michelle King, in between promoting the CBS show’s new Sunday time slot, noted that they “put a birthday candle in a bagel” for Robert’s mother, whose birthday was Sunday. “That was our Emmy ritual.” As for good luck charms, Robert brought a pad and pen with him – but not to prepare a speech should the CBS series take home the Emmy for best drama. “It looks like I’m an interviewer,” he joked. “We’re on script No. 8 and we’re five pages in for a 60-page script, so we need to do a little writing during the commercial breaks.”

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3. A superstitious Julia Stiles -- a nominee for guest actress in a drama for Dexter who lost last week to Grey’s Anatomy’s Loretta Devine during the Creative Arts ceremony, noted that she was superstitious and made sure to “air kiss” her clock at 2:22 p.m. as she was heading out the door. “At 2:22, I kiss the clock. I blew it a kiss today.”
4. Rico Rodriguez, aka Manny from ABC’s Modern Family, noted that started a new routine on Emmy day: “We went to 7-Eleven today for my good-luck Icee,” he told THR. “This is the first time I’ve done it.” Meanwhile, his co-star, Nolan Gould, brought his own good luck charm: “I came the other day for Emmy rehearsals and they gave me a piece of the red carpet,” he said, showcasing a small two-inch piece of carpet. “I thought I’d soak in the Emmy red carpet luck.”

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5. Glee’s Chris Colfer survived a hectic morning featuring a house full of family. “Everyone was yelling and fighting over combs and bathroom time, it was crazy.” Asked As for a good luck charm, Colfer noted that Ellen DeGeneres gave him a pair of lucky underwear that he wore last year, and brought them with him again this year. “They’re in my bag,” he noted.
6. Justified nominee Margo Martindale made good on her vow to wear her “lucky pink underwear. “When I started Justified, the day I did my first fitting the designer said that pink panties were good luck,” she told THR. “I have them on now.”  

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7. The Office’s B.J. Novak felt like the underdog again this year, after many critics doubted whether Steve Carell could fill Ricky Gervais’ shoes heading into the first season sans the NBC show’s leading man. As for his preshow lucky charms, Novak said he like the underdog again. “I rubbed my Modern Family DVD case, I’m pretty sure they have it on lockdown,” he told THR. “But I’m really pulling for Steve and Greg Daniels.”
8. Game of Thrones Emmy first-timer Kit Harrington told THR that the show was his first awards ceremony and provided a good excuse to take a break from production overseas. His day included OCD-like superstition that he had to “kiss several, little special objects,” but was otherwise a typical day.

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9. The Amazing Race executive producer Jonathan Littman said there’s one special accessory his wife must wear every year. “I got her a necklace six months before we were first nominated and she’s not allowed to not wear it.”
10. Mad Men showrunner Matthew Weiner is a self-professed superstitious guy and noted that he has a series of good luck charms. While he was mum to reveal what they were, he did reveal one that was more than special to him. “I carry a wallet with me that belonged to [M*A*S*H’s] Larry Gelbart,” he said.He gave it to my son right before he passed away and I took it and carry it with me. Larry is my hero and this is the second year I’ve brought it with me,” he told THR, revealing a small Gelbart place holder from inside the wallet.