Emmys 2012: Second Nomination is Bittersweet for 'Glee's' Dot-Marie Jones

The Beiste is Back

Dot Marie Jones' Coach Beiste will join New Directions at Nationals. Jones warns that there's "a little bit" more coming between Coach Bieste and her abusive husband Cooter (Eric Bruskotter), warning that just because she returned to give him a second chance doesn't mean that their story is over. "Everything is deceiving, you see something and you never know what kind of life somebody is living," Jones says. While the football coach didn't exactly set an example for women to get out of abusive relationships, Jones says not to worry: "That could change in the upcoming episodes."

Glee's Dot-Marie Jones picked up her second nomination Thursday for guest starring on Fox's musical hit and while the actress behind Coach Beiste is over the moon for the repeat honors, it's bittersweet.

"I'm still surprised the show didn't get nominated, that some of the kids didn't get in and Jane Lynch," she tells The Hollywood Reporter. After picking up 12 mentions last year and 20 the year prior, Jones was the lone acting nom -- and one of three total -- the musical dramedy earned for its third season. 

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The actress who was up watching the early morning announcement with her publicist and friends had to struggle to find out about mention as the guest actress in a comedy series category isn't one that's part of the broadcast TV announcement.

"My friend Bridgett thought she found it on Twitter, but then it wasn't and we had to go online when we found it for sure," she says with a laugh. "I was so excited but it was almost like a sense of relief. There's so much hype and so much build-up but it was awesome."

Jones, a longtime collaborator with Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy having had roles in Nip/Tuck as well as a starring role on his failed pilot Pretty/Handsome, credited the showrunner with giving her rich material including a domestic violence story line that has seen the actress receive emotional feedback from viewers.

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"I wanted to do the part justice, but it's a double-edge sword: I'm very proud and I loved that script but on the other side, I hated it because it's real life," Jones says of the story that saw her character show up to McKinley High with a black eye courtesy of her new on-screen husband, Cooter. "I cry when I get some of the emails and Twitter messages about the story line. You don't realize the affect you have on people until you hear it from them."

Between fielding calls and scheduling on-camera interviews for the recognition for her role as Glee's tough yet sensitive football coach, Jones said she hasn't had a moment to really celebrate, but has a good idea how she will after everything is said and done.

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"A big ol' fat steak dinner at Morton's," Jones says of her plans, joiking that she's not eating chicken like her on-screen counterpart.

"I've been doing this 21 years and I've always been the big, tough chick or a stereotypical character because of my size and to have something that actually means something to a  lot of people that size has nothing to do with it, it's amazing," she concludes.

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