Emmys 2012: 'Homeland' Stars on Their 'Hugely Validating' Fan, President Obama

Claire Danes Damien Lewis Emmys 2012 Split - H 2012
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Claire Danes Damien Lewis Emmys 2012 Split - H 2012

The Emmy tides were clearly in Homeland's favor, starting very early in the night.

Before the announcement of the best drama, the Showtime series' stars Damian Lewis and Claire Danes had both nabbed lead acting honors. And while they were thrilled with their respective wins -- Danes won last year for Temple Grandin -- they took special pride in the zeitgeisting show.

"It's not so preachy, which is, in some ways, why it carries its message so well," Danes said of the terrorism themes. "I don't think it's particularly political show.  It's a psychological thriller that tackles big ideas."

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Lewis, one of the 2012 Emmys' many British nominees, points to the way the series tackles the aftermath of Sept. 11 -- for good or for bad.

"9/11 changed the world," he said. "When people have not been at their best, we've behaved badly... the west... Brits... Americans...  but on the whole we are doing the best we can after an atrocity that changed the world."

Homeland has gotten a lot of play for President Barack Obama's professed appreciation, which Danes says the entire cast and crew remains floored by.

"No pressure," she said, with a laugh. "It's way cool that he's a fan. It speaks to the relevancy of the show. It's hugely validating."

And with a baby bump peaking out from under her Lanvin gown, Danes was quick to note that she was accepting her award for two.

"I think it's going to be some time before my child cares about this all, if ever," she said. "It does put things in perspective a little... and this person may not care, but I do."

Homeland returns next Sunday, Sept. 30.