Emmys 2012: Louis C.K. Says of His Seven Noms, 'This Just Feels Selfish'

The "Louie" star scored three nominations from his critically adored FX series and another four for his "Live at the Beacon Theater" comedy special.
Louis CK

Louis C.K. insists news of his seven Emmy nominations came as a surprise.

“I thought as I went to bed last night, I probably won’t get any because last year I got a bunch and I felt like it was the show [Louie] coming into existence,” he explains, having been woken up by a congratulatory email from his manager hours earlier. “I figured people would go, ‘Alright, that’s enough for him, let’s go back to the normal shows.’”

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With his children away at summer camp, he jokes that his next challenge is finding someone to have a celebratory drink with him.  After all, his FX series, which returned for its third season in June, scored three nominations, including best actor, best directing (the Ducklings episode) and best writing (Pregnant episode). He nabbed four more for his comedy special, Live at the Beacon Theater, which garnered noms as a special class program as well as those for writing, directing and editing.

For C.K., who has been vocal about his discomfort with his rising profile, none of it means he can slow down. “I just try keep making my job harder so that I never feel complacent,” he says, noting that he strategically made this season of Louie harder to produce than the show’s previous ones. “You can’t keep doing the same thing and getting praised and keep taking victory laps. I wanted to keep earning it.”

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But with all of the excitement comes a twinge of disappointment for the comedian, whose series was shut out of the best comedy category. “I wish I had gotten that for the rest of my crew,” he says, adding: “This just feels selfish.” 

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