'Big Bang Theory's' Jim Parsons: Emmys Like TV's Own Reality Show

TV Yearbook Big Bang Theory - H 2013

TV Yearbook Big Bang Theory - H 2013

Jim Parsons is cautiously optimistic that this is the year CBS' The Big Bang Theory could take home Emmy gold.

The actor, who picked up his fifth best actor in a comedy series nomination Thursday for his role as the neurotic Sheldon Cooper, tells The Hollywood Reporter that earning a series nomination (its third) in its sixth season feels even sweeter than his individual mention.

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"There's something about having finished season six and being so entrenched in this work now," he said from New York, where he's been filming Ryan Murphy's HBO adaptation of The Normal Heart. "We're in such a good spot with it and our audience, things have gone so well. Because of all that, and how long we've been on, there's something even more sweet about it; it feels even more of an honor getting to go. Every year that goes by there are more shows to choose from, and it seems that our odds would go down exponentially to be included."

While TV's No. 1 scripted comedy has yet to take home the statuette, the always logical Parsons said there's "no reason" that this year couldn't be Big Bang's year, considering its ratings strength.

"You never know!" he said. "Trying to prognosticate anything on an awards show is shaky ground to stand on; a million different things could happen. Every time you hear a name or show that wins, you think, 'Oh, of course.' Then there are several who say, 'You're kidding.' That's what keeps these shows exciting. If you enjoy watching them it's its own version of reality TV in a weird way."

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Parsons used his Emmy morning to stump not for himself or co-star Mayim Bialik -- who picked up her second nomination for playing Sheldon's girlfriend, Amy, or even guest actor in a comedy nominee Bob Newhart -- but instead for the writers, including first-year showrunner Steve Molaro.

"I'm very happy for the show's nomination; it reflects the writers and producers -- they really are the reason for the season," he said. It would be a joy to be part of the winning series, but for them I'd really relish to get the chance to see them -- Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro, Bill Prady and all writers. We'll see! It'll keep it exciting."

Co-star Bialik, meanwhile, told THR from San Jose that she initially didn't think she was nominated. "I'm as shocked as if Chuck Lorre were nominated as supporting actress! I feel like I do not even belong," she said. Asked if she felt the Emmy would be the perfect cherry on top of a widely successful season, she was again optimistic.

"We were hoping last year was our year," she said from San Jose where she was vacationing with her former mother-in-law and children. "The show has built such momentum. It could be! I think we're so deserving to be nominated, our writers write a heck of a show and I'd love for this to be their year."

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