Emmys: Stephen Colbert Derides Jimmy Fallon for Including Him in 'For Your Consideration' Package (Video)

Stephen Colbert - PR Portrait - 2011
Erin Patrice O'Brien/Comedy Central

Stephen Colbert has gone on the attack against his faux-nemesis Jimmy Fallon.

The Comedy Central host derided his late night TV counterpart Wednesday night for including him as part of the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon's "For Your Consideration" Emmy package.

In a segment called "Who's Riding My Coattails Now?," Colbert combed through the packet NBC sent to Emmy voters and zeroed in on the Late Night page, which included a picture of Colbert guest starring on the program (he and Fallon sang Rebecca Black's viral hit "Friday").

The Colbert Report and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon are both classified in various variety, music or comedy series categories, pitting them against each other and long-running champ The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

Colbert said, "How could you?! We're competing in the same category, Jimmy. You're trying to beat me with me!

"My picture is clearly sending the subliminal message, 'Stephen Colbert thinks Jimmy Fallon should have an Emmy.' Well I do not think that."

Earlier in the show, Colbert pulled out his "Emmy Advent Calendar" that allows him to count down the hundred-plus days remaining until the Emmy Awards on Sept. 18.