FEINBERG & FRIENDS, Ep. 10: Scott & Ben Lyons Discuss Their Top 10 Lists (Audio)

On their year-end top 10 lists, Scott and Ben overlap on just one film: "The Artist."
The Weinstein Co.
"The Artist"

I am very pleased to bring you the 10th episode of "Feinberg & Friends," THR's weekly podcast about the awards race. This week, I was very pleased to have as my guest Ben Lyons, who you probably know from his stint as a co-host of the TV show At the Movies and, more recently, as an on-air personality for the E! network. Normally, this podcast focuses on 10 different awards-related topics, but for the last installment of the year I decided that we would focus on just one topic: namely, sharing and discussing our top 10 favorite films of 2011. (For more about mine, click here.) I hope that you'll tune in -- and share your list in the comments section at the bottom of this post!