Film and TV Critics' Choice Groups Merge

Alfonso Cuaron - Critics' Choice Awards - H Getty 2019
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The Broadcast Film Critics Association and Broadcast Television Journalists Association, the groups behind the annual Critics' Choice Awards, are merging into a single organization, the Critics' Choice Association.

Members were notified of the change via email on Monday night, while being cautioned, "Critics Choice Association members will not automatically be eligible to vote for all of the awards we present at our Critics' Choice Awards (Winter), Critics' Choice Real TV Awards (Spring) and Critics' Choice Documentary Awards (Fall) events." Instead, members are being asked to inform the organization which of the award shows they feel qualified to vote for, and a Membership Committee will then evaluate those requests.

"Voting criteria will be determined separately for all Critics' Choice events by the creation of Voting Branches, with the understanding that voting eligibility requirements will be different even for categories within a single event, as is currently the case for the Critics' Choice Awards," the missive states. "In all cases, the goal is to ensure that the integrity of ALL Critics' Choice Awards remains unquestioned. Our awards will be voted on by professional critics and journalists whose expertise is demonstrated by the maintenance of a large audience of regular viewers, listeners and readers."

Membership dues will increase from $100 to $150 per year, the first dues increase in more than a decade.