New York Film Critics Delay Voting to Nov. 29

Rooney Mara - Movie Still: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - H - 2011
Sony Pictures

New York Film Critics Circle chairman John Anderson announced on Nov. 21 that the NYFCC awards voting will take place the morning of Nov. 29, not Nov. 28, as he had previously announced.

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What forced the issue was the inability of Sony to screen The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo until the morning of Nov. 28 at the earliest.

Though some of the critics grumbled about the delay, the studio says it simply wasn't possible to screen it any sooner. "Post production dictated our screening calendar and the 28th is the earliest possible date that we could show the finished film," Sony SVP media relations Steve Elzer tells The Hollywood Reporter. In a statement, NYFCC chair Anderson said, “We were looking forward to voting on Monday, November 28th, but due to conflicting schedules, we have made the decision to move back a day to ensure all of our voters have the opportunity to see all of the eligible films.”