Golden Globe Nominations: The Nominees' Reactions

Greenfield Bigelow Tarantino Split- H 2012
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Greenfield Bigelow Tarantino Split- H 2012

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the film and TV nominees for the 2013 Golden Globes on Thursday, and at the end of an election year, presidential politics ruled. Lincoln led the charge with seven bids in film, while HBO's Game Change paced television nominees.

Sarah Paulson, Game Change -- best supporting actress series, miniseries or TV movie:
Game Change's Sarah Paulson earned her second career Golden Globe nomination Thursday for her role as George W. Bush's communications chief Nicolle Wallace, a role she says she's humbled to have been recognized for considering the telepic's high-profile co-stars including nominees Julianne Moore, Woody Harrelson and Ed Harris. "I feel honored to be counted among them; it's very easy to forget about someone like me," she told THR. After earning her first nom for NBC's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and receiving a text message from co-star Matthew Perry informing her of the honor, Paulson instinctively woke up at 5:33 a.m., following a long night shooting Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story: Asylum, to think she made the grade when her phone remained silent. That, however, didn't last long as just minutes later her agent called with news of her Game Change recognition.

"I cried like a little bitch, baby!" said Paulson, who picked up an Emmy nom earlier this year for the part. "The HFPA were the first people to ever recognize me for Studio 60 and I feel very honored to be seen by them. We did this movie so long ago and it's the gift that keeps on giving. I'm sure a lot of factors play it cool but I had a few tears." As for American Horror Story: Asylum's shutout in the miniseries category, Paulson said she was disappointed and hopes the Emmys right the wrong. "It's disappointing because I think the show this year has surpassed last year," she added. -- Lesley Goldberg

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Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook -- best actor in a motion picture, musical or comedy:
“To see this film recognized by the HFPA is huge for us. And for me, personally, to be in a room with Bill Murray, Daniel Day-Lewis? Forget about it! We released the film in limited theaters, so it’s all been about word of mouth in a very positive way. These nominations bode well for more people being able to see it. At all these screenings and Q&As, so many people say they are very affected by it; that the family feels real and relatable…that’s all [director] David O. Russell. That’s the film he set out to make. A movie about real people.” - Stacey Wilson

Ben Affleck, Argo -- best director, motion picture drama
For the second morning in a row, Ben Affleck received a nomination wake-up call from his wife, Jennifer Garner, who is in New Orleans working on a project – this time for a Globe nom for best director. Affleck, whose film Argo is also nominated for best motion picture, drama, says he’s been too busy with fatherly duties to think too much about what could happen this morning. “My wife’s out of town, so I’m lucky in that sense that most of my brain bandwidth these days is taken up with what appears on the outside to be simple tasks – getting the kids to school, getting them fed – which require a Herculean effort from me," he says, "so I’m kind of preoccupied with all that domestic pedestrian stuff, and so I don’t end up — luckily -- focusing on this other stuff."

However, Affleck tells THR that he does allow himself to enjoy the accolades. “I have had a lot of mornings where I wake up and didn’t get nominated for any awards, and I’ve had a lot of mornings where I woke up and had stuff that I felt bad about, so I don’t mind appreciating the nice moments because there’s only so many of them,” he says. “And if you’re going to have to deal with the downside, then you should get to be able to have a little bit of fun.” -- Rebecca Ford

Howard Gordon, Homeland -- best TV drama
"It's starting to feel a little greedy," Gordon jokes of Homeland's continued awards show attention. "I rolled over at about 6:30 a.m. and checked my phone to see what time it was, and I clicked on a congratulatory email from a friend. I didn't open it, of course, because I couldn't find my glasses and could barely see it." The most exciting piece of the morning's news, which included a series-best four nominations, is the supporting actor nom for Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson): "It's so deserved and Mandy is so extraordinary. I'm sure that's the sentimental favorite of everybody on the show," says Gordon. While there's no plans —and with all of Gordon's development projects, no time— to celebrate today, he and his Homeland team gathered at co-creator and showrunner Alex Gansa's house last Sunday for a celebratory wrap party ahead of the series' Dec. 16 season finale. The writing staff will return in earnest in January to map out the 2012 Golden Globe winning drama's third season. - Lacey Rose

Alex Gansa, Homeland -- best TV drama
"Today is about Mandy [Patinkin] for me," says Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa, who was both thrilled and relieved to finally hear the actor's name thrown in the awards show mix this morning. "His performance is so understated, and I think sometimes it just flies by because people don't realize what he's doing and how he's doing it. He's extraordinary." That the series as well as its stars, Emmy winners Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, were recognized, too, caps off a particularly thrilling year for the Showtime hit, which concludes its second season Dec. 16.

"We're all just basking in it right now," he continues, noting that he and his team felt a tremendous amount of pressure to live up to the promise of the series' first season. Gansa adds: "It's just nice to know that at some level, we must have succeeded." While there are no formal plans to celebrate the Golden Globes attention, he will get together with his writing staff to watch the season finale together. - Lacey Rose

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Ang Lee, Life of Pi -- best picture drama
"Two days ago, I knew the Globes nominations were coming, so I tried to avoid thinking about it, which I did successfully! I’m so very grateful for the help with this film, all the devotion of everyone who worked on it – three thousand of them— all the support. I think the appeal of this movie is that we talk about faith. And, when you see a trailer for a movie showing a boy, tiger on ocean, it’s pretty interesting! Today, I have a full day of a press in Mexico City, so that's how I'm celebrating."
-- Stacey Wilson

Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom, best actor in a television series drama
With nominations for both his show, Newsroom, as his work as star, Jeff Daniels should have been the most excited member of his household this morning. Instead, that designation went to his dog. "I don't think it's possible to be as excited as my dog was; he was so excited he urinated all over the floor," says Daniels, noting that the remainder of his day now will be devoted to, you guessed it, "training the dog."

None of this is to say he wasn't thrilled by the recognition. In fact, Daniels and his wife rose early to watch the nomination ceremony on TV. "It's this combination of you want it, so it's a relief and then it's 'Oh wow,'" he explains of hearing his name, adding that it's particularly thrilling for a show like this one, which has found itself at the center of a media swirl since it premiered on HBO this summer. Positive or not, he loves the fact that people are discussing it days after each episode: "Art is supposed to stay with you," Daniels continues. "As I've tweeted to Newsroom watchers, 'For those of you who love it, thanks for watching; For those of you who hate it, thanks for watching.'" -- Lacey Rose

Max Greenfield, New Girl - best supporting actor in a series, miniseries or TV movie
"I got the phone call at 5:30 in the morning, and now the house is awake -- including my daughter, who is never up this early. She has demanded Dora The Explorer, so that is happening," Greenfield, still quite groggy, told THR. "This is amazing, though. There was an email going around when it happened with my manager and my agent and a bunch of people, and my only response was "Does this mean I'm as good of an actor as [fellow nominee] Ed Harris?" I can literally tell you what movie theater and where exactly I was sitting when I saw Pollock." But Greenfield is holding off on any celebration. His packed day includes a New Girl table read an a film audition: "I feel like this is a good way to walk into an audition." - Michael O'Connell

Marion Cotillard, Rust and Bone -- best actress in a motion picture, drama:
Marion Cotillard
is in Paris, staying at a friend’s house, when she heard that she received a Golden Globe nomination for best actress in a motion picture, drama, for Rust and Bone. “I’m very happy for the movie, I’m very happy for French cinema. I’m very happy for French-language films,” says the actress, who mentions the nominations of Amour and The Intouchables for best foreign film as especially exciting. As for Jacques Audiard’s Rust and Bone, in which she plays a killer whale trainer who suffers a horrible accident, Cotillard says, “it’s really amazing to share a French movie with a U.S. audience.” “It’s a beautiful and very unconventional love story,” she says. “It’s a movie that shows you can turn violence into power, and it’s a very beautiful and positive story.” -- Rebecca Ford

Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook -- best actress in a motion picture musical or drama:
"I didn't have anything going on today, so I was asleep. When I woke up, I saw a million texts on my phone. It was just really early," the actress told THR, still groggy and having her morning coffee. "Finding out the news was amazing, and Bradley [Cooper], celebrating with everybody, being able to be with all those people, it's incredible. Playing Tiffany, she's just this onion; there are so many different things, she's very confusing. It was great getting together with Bradley and morphing, discovering her day by day. It was one of the most enjoyable things in my history of making movies -- in my very short history of making movies. I'm going to finish my coffee and see how the other nominees will be celebrating." - Brandon Kirby

Glenn Close, Damages -- best actress in a television series, drama
“My character, Patty Hewes… you can’t keep her down! This feels really good. This nomination is the probably the most special of all after five years... and to be remembered like this for our final season, too. I’m very grateful for the last 20 episodes, which were made possible because of DirecTV and hopefully people will keep discovering Patty and the series. And Rose Byrne is so wonderful, so strong. I think about where we started-- it’s been such a masterpiece as far as the writing. And what a great journey since we started on FX-- I mean, we were on a testosterone network! As for my Globes dress, how could one know this now? I have a beautiful possibility, but really, the older ones of us would prefer the biggest revolution of all: all actresses wearing the same dress. Or a tuxedo!” -- Stacey Wilson

Tom Hooper, Les Miserables, best motion picture musical or comedy
Les Miserables director Tom Hooper woke up at 5 a.m. on Tuesday, despite arriving in Los Angeles with star Hugh Jackman the night before at 2 a.m. After hearing that his film had received a total of four nominations (including best motion picture, comedy or musical), he tried to give Hugh Jackman a call about his nomination for lead actor, but it appears he was still asleep. “He’s getting his star on the Hollywood walk of Fame this morning, so what great timing,” says Hooper. “I feel like acting through song unlocks something emotionally which has created a different performance from anything he’s done on the screen before, so I’m so proud of him.”

Hooper also called Anne Hathaway, who received a supporting actress nomination for her role at Fantine. “She really put everything into this part. I think on the day that she shot ‘Dreamed a Dream’ – without saying more than I should – she went to a pretty dark place and she opened the lid of a box that was pretty painful for her.”

The British director, who was showered with Oscar nods in 2010 for The King’s Speech, says that the making of Les Mis was “incredibly collaborative." “It involves armies of people, from the singing teachers to the guys who play the piano for the actor live on set, thousands of people were involved in making this film, and all of them are going to be thrilled this morning,” he says. “I think of them and what it means – not just to the actors, but to the whole group.”Rebecca Ford

Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire -- best actor in a television series, drama
Steve Buscemi was a bit groggy after picking up his third acting nomination for HBO's 1920s gangster drama Boardwalk Empire after being out late at the 121212 Concert for New York on Wednesday night. "It was such a fun night and this is a nice thing to wake up to," Buscemi told THR. The nomination comes after Boardwalk's first year without co-star Michael Pitt, whose character Jimmy was whacked at the end of season two, with the 2011 Globe winner noting the series continues to get more interesting. "The writers really weaved that in nicely with Nucky in the first few episodes where he really was remembering Jimmy," he said, noting Bobby Cannavale as rival gangster Gyp Rosetti brought an added dimension to the Terrence Winter drama. "I found myself being sympathetic to him in some moments where you see he's in so much pain he can't help be this monster of a guy." As for his plans to celebrate, Buscemi said the cast of the SAG and Golden Globe nominated drama will gather at the respective ceremonies in Los Angeles in January to toast the show's success. -- Lesley Goldberg

Christopher Lloyd, Modern Family -- best TV comedy
Known for his tendency to opt out of the Emmys, Lloyd says that he'll likely go to the Golden Globes this year. "I may... It's very close to my house, for one thing," he told THR. "But it's a really fun night. The whole cast sits at a table with a drink. Of all of them, this one is the most fun." The co-showrunner did mention that his typical Emmy night activity (basketball) is still on the table: "I haven't ruled it out." -- Michael O'Connell

Steve Levitan, Modern Family -- best TV comedy
"It's a very boring story," Levitan tells THR. "There was no exciting call, just an email." The co-showrunner says that his typical morning emails are alerts from newspapers and the occasional late night musings from "vampire" people: "You know, those friends who do all of their thinking in the middle of the night" Pats on the back always come a little late for the Modern Family crowd, as the days they're all together can sometimes be just once a week. "There's always more celebrating leading up to the day," notes Levitan. "We always acknowledge at table reads, because we're not often together shooting at the same time." And yes, they do still get excited. "I'm feeling very good with the work we're doing this season, and we're getting a lot of traction with people." -- Michael O'Connell

Julian Fellowes, Creator, Executive Producer, Writer of Downton Abbey -- best TV series, drama
Julian Fellowes was riding in a taxi when he heard that his show had been nominated for best TV series, drama, and that two of the show’s stars – Michelle Dockery (actress in a TV series, drama) and Maggie Smith (supporting actress in a TV series, drama) – had also received nominations. “I love them being noticed and rewarded,” he says. “For me, when I’m writing, at the very beginning, of course, I was just writing a show, but as soon as we started filming, I was writing for the actors who were playing the parts, and I feel they’ve taken it and run with it and developed such wonderful, layered characters.” Tonight, he’s giving a speech at a dinner event, in which he plans to mention the nomination. “After I’ve given my speech, I shall drink to the health of the show and the cast, but not before,” he says. --Rebecca Ford

Julianne Moore, Game Change -- best actress in a mini-series or made-for-TV movie
"I'm in New York, and I was in yoga. It was right before we started, and I was just about to turn off my phone. Fortunately last night someone told me they would be announced. So I picked up my phone, and my husband looked at me, and I said, 'I'm just checking!' Thankfully my publicist called. I'm so thrilled, and it's so wonderful that it's all of us, too. It was one of the best working experiences of my life. I'm working today, but my daughter and I are going to decorate the Christmas tree later." -- Brandon Kirby

Rachel Weisz, Deep Blue Sea -- best actress, motion picture drama
"I'm in L.A. right now doing press for the next three days, so I was in the dark and the hotel phone rang by my bed. I thought they got my alarm call very wrong." The actress won't be doing much celebrating today because she'll be busy working on a photo shoot "with a bunch of witches," she joked, in promotion of Sam Raimi's Oz the Great and Powerful. As for whether the NYFCC win and this nomination will propel her to an Oscar nomination: "It's really surprising because the film came out in March, and it was a tiny release. It has not been part of any conversation to do with any awards, and I can't even think beyond today. It's just amazing that it's been seen, let alone appreciated." -- Brandon Kirby

Zooey Deschanel, New Girl -- lead actress in a TV comedy
"We were working late hours, and I hadn't gotten that much sleep," Deschanel, about to get a brief hiatus, told THR. "I kind of just turned to my phone at 6 a.m., and there were a ton of messages saying 'Wake up!'" Nominated with co-star Max Greenfield once more -- they both had Emmy noms -- Deschanel noted that her biggest priority is to coordinate their Globes night wardrobes: something they failed to do at the Emmys. "We were texting earlier, 'Plaids or stripes?' It's my dream to coordinate my outfit with Max. The trouble is you go out at find the dresses that have been made, and then there's just not enough time. We'll try harder this time." -- Michael O'Connell

Matt LeBlanc, Episodes -- lead actor in a TV comedy
Matt LeBlanc is hoping for a repeat win in January, but he was so busy getting his 8-year-old daughter off to school that he forgot it was nomination morning. "It's funny, I said to my daughter, 'Daddy got nominated for a Golden Globe again,' " LeBlanc shared with THR after finding out the news from his publicist. "She said, 'Two years in a row? Alright!' That was doubly sweet this morning." For LeBlanc, who won the Globe last year for playing a heightened version of himself on Showtime's Episodes, a comedy series win this time around would be even more fulfilling. "[Creators] Jeffrey Klarik and David Crane are tireless in their pursuit of excellence. I really do hope they win." -- Philiana Ng

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep, lead actress in a TV comedy
"I’m on set on Baltimore right now, actually at a military base, and I was getting into hair and makeup when my team of friends and allies called me with the news. It’s very sweet. I’m really thrilled because we’ve been off the air for what feels like a long time! It’s nice to be remembered. Celebrating? Well, I’m shooting all day, so maybe I’ll grab a Milky Way at craft service at some point."
-- Stacey Wilson

Hayden Panettiere, Nashville -- best supporting actress, series, miniseries or TV movie:
"I'm the epitome of surprise and shocked!" Hayden Panettiere said of her first Golden Globe nomination in the supporting actress field for her role as Nashville's love to hate her Juliette Barnes. The Heroes alum says she felt a mix of emotions after waking up early for the first batch of nominations and went back to sleep, only to receive a call shortly afterward from her long-time manager. "I didn't know whether to bawl hysterically or jump up and down on the bed so I decided to do both," Panettiere told THR.

Calling the role, which allows the Grammy-nominated singer to combine her love of music with acting, a dream come true, the actress said she felt vindicated after early critics were skeptical of her part in the ABC musical soap. "I feel like I'm going through the same struggles as Juliette: she wants to be respected in her craft, she knows how people perceive her and what they think she's capable of but she knows capable of more and I feel like I've been fighting the same battle and it's paid off. I'm so flattered and humbled."

With Nashville also picking up a nom for co-star Connie Britton and Smash earning a series mention, Panettiere noted Glee helped pave the way for musicals to have their moment in the spotlight. "Glee was the first to do that and hats off to them for continuing to make it work and Smash is proving this pattern; people are enjoying musicals and that's a great privilege for us." -- Lesley Goldberg

Sally Field, Lincoln -- best supporting actress in a motion picture
"I’m so pleased because this means people are seeing this movie; and that a movie with this much intelligence can be made, for a price, and can make money. But I’m honestly barely computing all of it. I’m just so honored and thrilled, I’m constantly shaking myself that I’m part of this group - Kathy Kennedy, Steven Spielberg, Tony Kushner and my wonderful president, Daniel Day-Lewis. I’m in my NYC apartment right now, and I heard the news that way I hear about all important things in the world - my son Sam called me. I don’t have my much time to celebrate though because I’m in a panic about getting everything done for Christmas. I’m the mother and grandmother and I’m sitting here thinking, how am I going to get this done? Where can I get that thing now? My granddaughters keep emailing me to add more gifts to their lists!" -- Stacey Wilson

Don Cheadle, House of Lies -- best actor in a TV series, comedy or musical:
Don Cheadle picked up his third Golden Globe nomination and first as a series regular for Showtime's management consultants comedy House of Lies on Thursday, learning of his nominations after waking up following a long day of shooting on season two. "I'm hopeful that it brings more eyes to the show and people want to get involved in the House of Lies experience," Cheadle told THR, noting he received several messages on his phone, including nothing but love from his co-stars including Ben Schwartz on the often politically incorrect series. "Ben is a sweetheart and said, 'Congrats, you're a legend.' And I was like, 'That's the best you can do? Nothing racist?!' I went back to him with some choice stuff." -- Lesley Goldberg

Helen Hunt, The Sessions -- best supporting actress in a motion picture
"My phone buzzed at 6:30 this morning, which is rarely does. I've been getting texts as people have been waking up. Then I took my daughter to school, so it was back to normal right away. I'm thrilled. The movie's so beautiful, and I'm feeling really proud. And simply, it's nice to start your day with a nice phone call. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm having lunch with a friend to celebrate." -- Brandon Kirby

Kathleen Kennedy, Lincoln -- best motion picture, drama
“I have two teenagers, so I found out about our nominations as I was making them breakfast and getting them off the school! Little did we know the incredible relevance of this film to what’s going on today in our country during the long process of making Lincoln. At its core it's a movie about the struggle to make the democratic process work; making sure people are heard on both sides. People want to believe the system can work, and that their representatives are truly trying to govern in their best interests. Steven [Spielberg] and I really struggled for years, 13 years, to make this film. When all the pieces fall into place, it makes it that much more satisfying. And today, the film officially hit the $100 million mark. We truly did not expect audiences to show up in this way. It's truly, truly gratifying." -- Stacey Wilson

Mychael Danna, Life of Pi --­ best score for a motion picture
“I’m one of those dummies who didn’t get their flu shot, so I’m suffering here with the flu. Suddenly I feel a lot better,” Danna says of finding out about his first Golden Globe nomination for the score for Ang Lee’s Life of Pi. “It’s incredibly gratifying. It’s a score that Ang and I worked on so hard and so long,” says the composer, who has worked with Lee on and off for 15 years. Danna says he worked on the score with Lee for a year “because the movie is breaking new ground and there’s nothing that we could kind of go back and relate it to.”

“It’s really gratifying that all that painstaking work paid off in this kind of recognition,” he adds. -- Rebecca Ford

Jon Bon Jovi, Stand Up Guys -- best original song
Between performing at the 12/12/12 Concert for Sandy Relief on Wednesday night and learning early Thursday morning that his tune "Not Running Anymore" -- from indie film Stand Up Guys — landed a Golden Globe nomination for best original song, Bon Jovi was elated. "You like to have more days like this," he said. Bon Jovi learned the news from his publicist, Ken Sunshine. "If you're going to get such an early call from Ken, you hope it's going to be about the Golden Globes, and not about some item in Page Six," Bon Jovi quipped. Stand Up Guys, starring Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin, begins its awards qualifying run on Dec. 14, and opens officially on Feb. 1.

Connie Britton, Nashville -- best actress in a television drama:
“I am just over the moon— this is huge, mind-blowing! I have to say, it’s so incredibly satisfying to be on this show. I’ve worked harder on this than anything I’ve ever done. It’s a hugely ambitious show, and everyone involved has worked so hard, round the clock. People are really giving their blood for this series! I have to say, as an actress, I have to pinch myself. I have a career that I could never have dreamed of. I’m so fortunate to be able to follow a dream, work really hard and be in the business in this way. I have a rare day off today to celebrate with my son, he’s 22 months old. I was with him this morning when I found out about the Globes; we were up doing our thing when I got the news. It’s all pretty awesome.” -- Stacey Wilson

Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained -- best screenplay, director, and picture drama:
"It's very gratifying to get this many nominations from the HFPA for a film I worked so hard on and am so passionate about. I look forward to having fun at the Golden Globes with my cast mates and fellow nominees."

Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty -- best director, picture drama:
"It’s an honor, sincerely, and very humbling to be singled out this way by the HFPA. We’re grateful, and encouraged by their support, especially since our film has such a diverse, international cast, and as the HFPA represent so many countries across the globe. And a big congratulations to the amazing Jessica Chastain and my producing partner and screenwriter Mark Boal."

Mark Boal, Zero Dark Thirty -- best screenplay
“We’re very grateful to the HFPA. It means so much to us that press representatives from around the world have reacted with such praise. It’s especially flattering as we’ve seen the film from the beginning as a global story, one that involved and impacted much of the world. Congratulations to Kathryn Bigelow and Jessica Chastain on nominations much deserved.”

Ewan McGregor, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, best actor in a motion picture, musical or comedy:
“Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for this nomination. It’s wonderful that our movie left its mark. Emily Blunt is such a talent and a joy to work with, and I'm so happy the HFPA recognized her performance, as well as our film. I look forward to the Golden Globes, as they are always fun and send my congratulations to all those who believed and participated in Lasse's vision.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, Django Unchained -- best supporting actor in a motion picture:
"I'm truly honored to be nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association today. Django Unchained was a remarkable experience and I consider myself lucky to work with Quentin and the entire cast on the film. I'm particularly proud to be named alongside my fellow Django nominees.

Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, Smash -- best television series, musical or comedy:
"It opened the door for us and we wouldn't be here if it weren't for Glee," Smash executive producer Marc Shaiman told THR of the NBC Broadway drama's first Golden Globe in the comedy or musical category, taking the slot that the Fox series held the past two years. Shaiman and co-music composer/lyricist Scott Wittman first learned of the series' mention like so many others via text, when their phones started buzzing as the duo were on the road to their home upstate to work on songs for season two. "You start feeling like something big is happening, being Jewish I assumed it was something terrible," Shaiman said with a laugh.

The duo, meanwhile, tipped their hat to NBC Entertainment president Robert Greenblatt, who brought the passion project with him to NBC after his move from Showtime. "He put his heart, soul and pocketbook into this," Shaiman said. Noting that the honor was somewhat bittersweet after the departure of creator Theresa Rebeck as showrunner, the duo said season two under new executive producer Josh Safran (Gossip Girl) would keep the show's heart in tact. "Josh is trying to retain what people love about the show in the first place," Wittman said. "No one is trying to throw the baby out with the bathwater." -- Lesley Goldberg

Greg Berlanti and Laurence Mark, Political Animals, best television mini series or made-for-TV movie:
"I found out from Twitter," said a cheery Greg Berlanti, who woke up at 5:30 a.m. and saw a tweet from a USA Network employee revealing the good news. He in turn informed Laurence Mark, in Atlanta filming Last Vegas with Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro: "There was an e-mail from Greg saying congratulations. I thought, 'Hey, we must've done something right!'"

Though Political Animals will not return to USA, Berlanti maintains that the recognition is not bittersweet. "It's all been incredible, in part because a year ago we didn't even have a deal with the network and I had just finished the script. So the fact that we're sitting here a year later with this honor is more a great punctuation mark on what has been a great year for all of us. Everything about the experience was pretty perfect," he reminisced. It was the cast, led by Sigourney Weaver, that was icing on the cake. "We had the dream cast of all time so this is for us and for them," Mark said. Though the two are thousands of miles apart at the moment, they plan to have a celebratory dinner next week. "We'll have to have it at the exact restaurant where we came up with the idea for the show," Berlanti offered as he and Mark talked through ideas. Full circle. -- Philiana Ng

Tim Burton, Frankenweenie -- best animated film:
"I'm thrilled to be recognized by the HFPA. Frankenweenie is a very personal project for me and the nomination goes as much to the animators who labored frame by frame to bring this film to life."

Paul Epworth, co-writer, Adele's Skyfall -- best original song:
"I'm in London, and I was having lunch with some family. It's amazing. I never thought I would have a song that's recognized at this capacity. I was going to give Adele a call later this afternoon; she's the most amazing force vocally and always a dream to work with. I'm going to celebrate by having an early night with the family. I've had a busy year, so I'm winding down. I'm just really glad people seem to like the song and seem to think it works in the film. We did the job." -- Brandon Kirby

Nicole Kidman, The Paperboy -- best supporting actress; Hemingway & Gelhorn -- best actress, miniseries/TV-movie:
"As an actor you look for roles that are rich, complicated, and that stretch you and this year I was blessed to find two. To have the chance to play them was a gift in itself and to then be acknowledged this way is icing on the cake. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press!"

Clive Owen, Hemingway & Gelhorn -- best actress, miniseries/TV-movie:
"I'd like to say a big thank you to The Hollywood Foreign Press. I am really thrilled as this recognition is for a piece of work I'm very proud of and had such a good time on."

Graham Broadbent, producer, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel -- best motion picture musical or comedy:
"I was freezing on a London street and had just come back from a screening. I can't tell you how cold it is here. But the day's starting to look a little better now. It's been an extraordinary couple of days. SAG was a terrific recognition of the cast, and the Golden Globes is just a terrific place to be. It's great that people are still talking about the movie. I thought they had all moved on, but maybe they haven't." As for Oscar potential, "Who knows at this stage. The last two days have surprised me, so I'm open to any more surprises. Everything we get now is just a bonus." - Brandon Kirby

Sigourney Weaver, Political Animals -- best actress in a television mini-series or made-for-TV movie
"What a great day for all of us on Political Animals! My heartfelt thanks to all the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this significant recognition of everyone's work. I am especially delighted for Greg Berlanti and USA. I am blown away personally to be nominated for my work as the beguiling and indomitable Elaine Barish Hammond. Hooray and thank you so much!"

Nikolaj Arcel, director, A Royal Affair -- best foreign language film
"I feel fantastic, but I was actually quite speechless. I couldn't sleep, was up all night waiting for it. My girlfriend was asleep, so I had to sit in the bathroom with my laptop streaming the results live. I thought I was the only one awake, but I'm with my co-writer in my Los Angeles house, and everyone in each room was on their laptop, and they were all screaming at the same time, and then we all ran into the living room shouting. It was really fun.  I had told everybody, 'No, it's not gonna happen, we're not gonna get it.' For a Danish guy, from a small country, who's been following this stuff all my life, it's actually quite monumental. For a director, there's always one film that almost breaks them, breaks their spirit, and this one almost did. It took me five years. It was going to be star Carey Mulligan and Paul Dano, and then it wasn't going to happen, and I thought, this was the film I was born to direct — why even bother? Then we wrote The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and when it happened it was a dream come true. It means so much to get this. It obviously puts the film on people's radar — and it's important, because it's still in theaters. The timing is great." -- Tim Apello

Rich Moore, Wreck-It Ralph -- best animated feature:
Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore -- who grew up playing Space Invaders and Pac-Man -- said knowing that the video-game themed animated film was embraced by audiences and is now nominated for a Golden Globe was “very affirming. “I will call my family; I’ll speak with the cast; I’ll see the crew today at work. There will be lot of happy people,” he said. “We work for many years on an animated film. It’s a labor of love; these come from the heart." -- Carolyn Giardina

Genndy Tartakovsky, Hotel Transylvania -- best animated feature:
Hotel Transylvania director Genndy Tartakovsky swapped text messages with Adam Sandler, who voices the lead character of Dracula and served as an exec producer on the monster movie. "He said Mazel Tov." -- Carolyn Giardina

Peter Ramsey, Rise of the Guardians -- best animated feature:
Recognizing "the crew and the work they did," Rise of the Guardians director Peter Ramsey was thrilled to see DreamWorks Animation’s holiday-themed film earn a nomination. “Jeffrey [Katzenberg] gave me a call with congratulations." Based on the original story of award-winning author William Joyce, the film features an all-star voice cast including Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher and Jude Law. -- Carolyn Giardina

Mark Andrews, Brave -- best animated feature:
“There was a flurry of texts … and excitement,” said Mark Andrews of the Pixar team’s reaction to Brave’s Golden Globe nomination. To get the nuance of the parent/child relationship, they drew inspiration from their own experiences, and for Andrews—who directed the movie with Brenda Chapman—that included observing his own children. “Parts of [Princess Merida’s character] is inspired by them. I think they are going to be very excited.” -- Carolyn Giardina

Michael Haneke, director,  Amour -- best foreign language film:
"Being nominated is wonderful, of course. I’m very happy. With each new film you’re starting from scratch – the success of your last film is no guarantee for how your next film will do. In Cannes I never expected I’d win a prize because it almost never happens that someone wins in such quick succession, so of course I was all the happier."

He also told THR: "I was in my library when I heard the news from my distributor and producer. It feels good. It feels fantastic after such a nomination. Perhaps I'll have a glass of wine. You only really celebrate after a win, not a nomination. You're happy when you're nominated, but I'm not someone who has the tendency to celebrate. It will be a happy evening with my wife." -- Brandon Kirby

Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom, best motion picture musical or comedy
"I received this news by text message on the fast train to Berlin. The Hollywood Foreign Press has brightened a bleak snowy day in Germany for me. I could not be more pleased on behalf of our gang."

Matt LeBlanc, Episodes -- best actor in a comedy/musical TV show:
"It’s an incredible honor to be nominated again for a show that I am so proud to be a part of. And I am thrilled that the show has been recognized as well because everyone involved works so hard. Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press."

Steven Spielberg, Smash -- best television series, musical or comedy:
"Everyone who is involved with Smash, whether on the outskirts or at the epicenter, is thrilled and dancing in the aisles this morning on this wonderful news."

Dario Marianelli, composer, Anna Karenina -- best score for a motion picture:
"I'm in London, and I got a very terse email from Focus. It was very prompt. And it was a really nice surprise. I went downstairs to my family, and they were all really happy. My parents were very pleased. Having forgotten all about it — I thought it was in another month — it was quite a nice surprise. Last time it happened, I didn't come over because the ceremony was canceled because of the writer's strike. I'm looking forward to this time. Working today is going to be very hard. I'm a bit distracted." - Brandon Kirby

Helen Mirren, Hitchcock - best supporting actress in a motion picture, drama:
“Alma thanks you from the bottom of her heart for the recognition of her contribution to film.”
Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln - best actor in a motion picture, drama:
"I'm very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for so generously acknowledging us in a year of such powerful films and performances."
Aaron Sorkin, writer The Newsroom - best TV series, drama:
"The cast, crew and staff of The Newsroom are humbled to be in such elite company and we look forward to dramatizing this nomination a year and a half from now." 
David O. Russel, director Silver Linings Playbook - best motion picture, comedy:
"I thank the HFPA for the amazing recognition for Silver Linings Playbook this morning.  It means the world to me, the movie and everyone involved. We make movies hoping audiences see them and connect. Anything more is a blessing.  Silver Linings was a collaborative effort with an amazing cast including Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro and Jacki Weaver -- and has been an experience that has been deeply personal and gratifying. "
Steven Spielberg, director Lincoln - best director, motion picture:  
"Seven has never been a more lucky number than it is for me today.  I was delighted to hear that the HFPA has chosen to recognize Daniel, Sally, Tommy, Tony Kushner, John Williams, Kathy Kennedy and me so generously.  Bringing Lincoln to the screen has been the opportunity of a lifetime and a distinct privilege.  The story is quintessentially American, but we hope it's a movie that can speak to audiences worldwide. After all, Lincoln ended his most famous speech, as you hear at the end of our film, looking beyond national boundaries to justice and peace for all nations. That's one reason why it's especially meaningful for me that the Hollywood Foreign Press has honored us with these nominations."