Golden Globes: 10 Things the TV Cameras Missed

La La Land broke a record, Meryl Streep gave a passionate anti-Donald Trump speech and host Jimmy Fallon had to deal with a failed TelePrompTer.

That's what viewers of the 74th annual Golden Globes saw Sunday night on NBC. But there was more action that they didn't see from inside the ballroom at the Beverly Hilton.

Here are 10 things that didn't make it to air:

1. Entering the ballroom, guests were greeted by armed guards and a bomb-sniffing dog, who was the focus of as many photos as most celebs.

2. La La Land's chief awards strategist tells The Hollywood Reporter that the same choreographer (Mandy Moore, but not that one) and dancers who worked on the film did Fallon's opener (which played like gangbusters).

3. As Moonlight's Naomie Harris made her way down the red carpet and to her seat, she was accompanied by someone many thought was her sister, but she revealed was her mother.

4. When Meryl Streep began to go after Donald Trump, overheard around the room were comments like, "Oooh, shit!," "She just went there!" and "F— yeah!" (Watch her speech above.)

5. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was in the audience and mingled during commercials with the likes of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and Harvey Weinstein.

6. Game of Thrones stars/BFFs Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner went to the food area together during one commercial break. Denzel Washington also hit it up.

7. At one point, Sting walked by and pointed at his watch, as if to say, "Let's get the show on the road!"

8. Many were asking what happened to Fallon during the second-third of the show, when he went MIA for a chunk of time.

9. La La Land won a record seven Golden Globes, including best picture (musical/comedy), but that was a big standing ovation for Moonlight winning best picture (drama).

10. Poor Isabelle Huppert got played off by the orchestra but didn't realize it and continued to speak after the camera cut away.