Golden Globes Reactions: What the Nominees Are Saying

Amy Adams Jake Gyllenhaal - H 2014
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Amy Adams Jake Gyllenhaal - H 2014

The 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards nominations were announced Thursday morning. Here's what the nominees are saying about the honor:

Amy Adams, Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical nominee for Big Eyes: "I’m really really lucky to be able to see this story come to life. I loved the script and meeting Margaret [Keane] who is such a quiet person with humble sensibilities. Working with Tim Burton for the first time was really creative and collaborative and I was so at ease. Working with Christoph [Waltz] was also a very special experience. This movie is really fun with a lot of heart. I’m very proud of it."

Jennifer Aniston, Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama nominee for Cake: “I mean my gosh — my jaw is on the ground. To be recognized for doing something that I love, something so refreshing, it's amazing. I have found this whole process so exciting and especially taking on a part that’s so challenging — and then for that to be acknowledged, is extraordinary. The feedback I've gotten from those who suffer from chronic pain has been some of the most incredible I've received. Some people have told me it was everything they could to do to get out and see the film. I honor them with this character and telling this story. I want them to know they can speak up and there's help out there. The film has touched so many heartstrings."

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Steve Carell, Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama nominee for Foxcatcher: "I found out when I went online this morning and was greeted with this information! This is all very gratifying and I am so thankful for [director] Bennett [Miller] specifically for thinking of me for the role. It’s just so exciting that any of this is happening. It’s been a long journey – like 8 years – for this movie to get to this stage. I’m also so happy for Mark [Ruffalo] who is truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He is so deserving of all this attention."

Julianne Moore, Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama nominee for Still Alice: “This is so exciting. I'm in NYC and got up at my usual time, 6:30, and made my kids waffles before they went to school. I took a shower, then was so nervous because I hadn't heard anything yet! This has all been amazing, Still Alice is a film we all believed in, made for very little money in a very short period of time. There is a sense of urgency with it too as one of our directors is dealing with ALS. I also had never seen Alzheimers depicted this way in a movie as it's always seen through the perspective of the caregiver or the family. With ours, you see that the self hasn't been obliterated. There's a still a person there."

Jenji Kohan, creator of Orange is the New Black, nominee for Best TV Series, Comedy: "Telling the stories of these felonious ladies is a tremendous pleasure and we are grateful to have our work recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association."

J.K. Simmons, Best Supporting Actor nominee for Whiplash: "When I’m sleeping, my phone ringer is off, so there were several messages when I woke up. It’s been quite a journey. I knew this was a special movie when I first saw the script. I knew it had a chance to be something really special. For me personally, it was a rare opportunity for me to have a really meaty part. To celebrate, I plan to ride my bike to the gym and work out, and have lunch with my wife and pickup my kids from the school bus, and that’s as much as I have planned today."

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Ava DuVernay, Best Director, Motion Picture nominee for Selma: “We’re in Toronto on a press tour, so we decided to take a moment and watch. All I was thinking in my heart, truly, was ‘Please just David [Oyelowo], just David. This man put every ounce of his heart and spirit and mind, every piece of his DNA into this picture. That’s all I wanted. For that to happen, there was a big cheer here. And when I look at the list of directors in my category, these are all men whose work I admire. I’ve never met them, but as a film lover, these are the varied directors I love the most.”

Rosamund Pike, Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama nominee for Gone Girl: "It is as if a magic carpet picked me up last year and it is astonishing and exhilarating that it has taken me all the way here. I am nothing but grateful to have had the opportunity to dive into a role like this.  All thanks really go to David Fincher for his guidance and for allowing me to play Gillian Flynn's incredible, confounding character.  I’m very honored to be nominated alongside actresses I have long admired. Thank you so much to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this nomination!"

Keira Knightley, Best Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture nominee for The Imitation Game: "I felt so lucky to have portrayed Joan Clarke, such an extraordinary woman who defied convention and was part of a moment in history. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign press for this honor, and for recognizing our film. I can't wait to celebrate with everyone."

Jake Gyllenhaal, Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama nominee for Nightcrawler: "What a great way to wake up! I've gotten a barrage of text messages this morning. I'm so so proud of this film and how different in tone it is from anything else out there. [Director] Dan Gilroy had the courage to speak his mind with this piece. My character Lou is subversive and the movie is a macro version of who he is. It's so well crafted, and so many true veterans of film made it happen. I'm so happy and honored."

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Eddie Redmayne, Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama nominee for The Theory of Everything: Redmayne was attempting to cram all his holiday shopping into one afternoon in London when his plans were derailed by the news of his nomination for best actor for The Theory of Everything. "The stakes felt so high with this film because Stephen and Jane and the family were so generous letting us into their lives," he said. “We felt such a great responsibility to do them proud.” The actor plays Stephen Hawking in the drama, opposite Felicity Jones as his wife. "The fact that they enjoyed the film was one great reward, and now the fact that people seem to be responding to it, just means the world to us," he said. Redmayne, who was part of awards season two years ago with Les Miserables, said he’d be doing a little celebrating in cold London with some mulled wine. "It’s a warm, festive wine. I think I’m going to get stuck in some of that. It’s quite chilly here," he said.

Christoph Waltz, Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical for Big Eyes: "I was in bed and so out of it when I heard. Unbelievable. I still haven’t quite internalized that thought. I don’t know — should one, at all? Without getting too crazy? I don’t know. It’s a very special thing because that movie is a very special thing for me and that they really saw something along the lines that I see in this story that they seem to recognize is so wonderfully gratifying. It’s really touching that this story gets across like we intended, and it’s just fabulous. Independently of that whole unexpected nomination I had made a date with my agent so that’s ideal. We’ll have a lavish dinner and get a real nice bottle. Not champagne, an Italian red, or something along the Rhone."

Richard Linklater, Best Director, Motion Picture nominee for Boyhood: "It’s afternoon here — I’m in Europe, in Rome this evening. We had a cast and crew of over 450 people through the years who worked on this film, so it’s cool for everybody. It was such a long-term collaboration for all of us. I’m particularly happy for Patrician [Arquette] and Ethan [Hawke] who had to give so much of themselves for this. It’s not only the commitment, but what’s in that commitment – to dredge up so much of yourself. I think that’s maybe what people respond to – just the sheer, utter humanness that Patricia and Ethan bring, and what the film depicts about life."

Alejandro González Iñárritu, Best Director, Motion Picture nominee for Birdman: "I’m looking at the Rockies in Calgary shooting The Revenant. I’m very happy, but cold! We’re going to find a warm bar at night and we’ll have a drink. I’m very happy for all the actors, my co-writers, partners — everybody, they deserve this. it’s very nice."

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Emily Blunt, Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical nominee for Into the Woods: “Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for embracing the Baker's Wife and recognizing this film that I am so proud to be a part of. Playing this part made me stretch myself as an actor and muster up any courage I could to find my singing voice. It was so worth it to be a part of Rob Marshall's beautiful and moving film that means so much to me.”

Patricia Arquette, Best Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture nominee for Boyhood: Arquette was having a dream (or nightmare) when she was woken up by a phone call from her agent and manager about her nomination. “I was sleeping, I was dreaming about wrapping paper because I’m in Santa’s workshop,” she told THR. Arquette stars as a single mother in Richard Linklater’s drama, which was made over 11 years. “It’s really exciting for our movie, our little tiny movie, to be celebrated like this,” she said. “It’s more than I ever imagined.” As for attending the star-studded awards galas, Arquette seemed to have mixed feelings, and was a bit worried about nerves. “At this moment in my life, I’m 46, I’m not going to say I won’t feel nauseous, that night, going there because I’m sure I will at certain moments, but it is also great to be around all of your colleagues and all these great filmmakers,” she said.  

Felicity Jones, Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama nominee for Theory of Everything: "This is really all really tremendous! I’m currently in the middle of getting some prosthetics put on for a film in Barcelona — a bald cap and eyebrows. I heard a scream from down the corridor and a very lovely second AD just told me the good news. I’m so passionate about Theory. It's one of those projects that touches you deeply, and I’m so happy about this recognition for Eddie [Redmayne] and movie. It has meant so much."

Michelle Monaghan, Best Performance by Supporting Actress in TV nominee for True Detective: "It’s very early for me. I'm in Australia, it’s like 1:30 am! I’m here visiting family. My husband is Australian. I just loved my role in True Detective from the beginning, sitting down with [creator] Nic Pizzolatto. I’m excited for the boys too — Woody [Harrelson] and Matthew [McConaughey] — as well. This is such an honor for all of us. I’m over the moon! Sincerely. I am so proud to be a part of a series as great as True Detective. I think this might be MY ‘alright, alright, alright’ moment. Woody and Matthew are a dream to work with. They make a gal look good!”

Ruth Wilson, Best Performance by an Actress in TV Series Drama nominee, The Affair: "This is very, very exciting! This was a tough show to shoot, and we all worked really hard. The narrative structure is really unique, and I think audiences are looking for these kind of challenging series. It's like what True Detective has done, but one step further and placing it in the domestic context. It's why I took the job, I thought, wow. This is all very incredible."

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries nominee for The Honorable Woman. "I'm thrilled to be nominated for a Golden Globe for The Honorable Woman. And doubly thrilled to be nominated alongside such brilliant actresses. And triply thrilled to be nominated with my brother. How many women do you think I'll disappoint if I take him as my date?"

Noah Hawley, creator, writer and executive producer of Fargo, nominee for Best TV Movie or Miniseries: "I'm talking to you from Calgary right now. It's actually a balmy 40 degrees. Last time I was up here it was negative 10. I'm happy, obviously — unless I was a masochist and hate good things, but I don't. I like good things. It's interesting because we've been so focused on making the next year of the show that this second half of awards season really snuck up on me. The penultimate victory of the Emmys was hugely satisfying, and I naively thought it was the end of celebrating year one. Now we have the AFI and the Golden Globes and being recognized on critics best of lists for the year...  It's been a crazy couple of weeks to realize we're still celebrating the show."

Dominic West, Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Drama nominee for The Affair: “I’m honored to be nominated in this category and would like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I’m thrilled that the show and my dear friend and co-star Ruth Wilson have been nominated, too. I am very proud of The Affair and my special thanks go to Sarah Treem, David Nevins and all at Showtime.”

Mark Ruffalo, Best Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture nominee for Foxcatcher and Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Miniseries or Movie nominee for The Normal Heart: “I found out when my phone started blowing up! I’m working nights right now in England, so I was sleeping when I started getting all the calls. I’m still on New York time! Really, this is all miraculous. At first blush, neither of these movies was easy to get made and each went through their periods of difficulty. To see them lavished with accolades, it’s just so very sweet. American cinema is really in a wonderful place this year. It's been a great year for actors and I'm so honored to be a part of it."

William H. Macy, Best Performance by an Actor in TV Series, Comedy for Shameless: “When it comes to great ways to make a living, I'm pretty much at the front of the line.  The writers and directors and designers on Shameless are the best and brightest in the business.  And I get to hang out all day with Emmy and Jeremy and Cameron and this stunning cast that acts me under the table on a regular basis.  So when Felicity woke me up this morning and said I'd gotten a Golden Globe Nomination, I giggled.  I'm not proud of it, but I giggled like a twelve year old."

David Oyelowo, Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama for Selma: “We couldn’t be more excited. We’re in the snow of Toronto as we speak. We watched the nominations together in a hotel room. I jumped so high when I heard [Ava Duvernay’s] name, I think I shattered my kneecap, but that’s OK, I’ll hobble through the day. She's the first black woman to be nominated for best director. She's made a little bit of history. It's so wonderful. I'm so proud of her. She's only been doing this for five years, this is her third movie. It's a big moment for her. We’re probably going to be a bit rowdy on our plane to D.C. I feel sorry for the people on the plane – we may be bouncing down the aisles.”

Nicolas Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris and Armando Bo, writers for Birdman, nominee for Best Screenplay, Motion Picture: “It’s unbelievable. When we were working on it with Alejandro, it was just so insane, the whole idea, the whole way he was going to shoot it. We were sort of petrified the whole time. So, we’re immensely surprised and incredibly grateful,” said Dinelaris. “I agree. It was such a weird ride, in a good sense, and we always say that. Everything was out of our comfort zone. To see the response that the movie is getting, is just fantastic,” added Giacobone. While Dinelaris and Giacobone will be busy working on their new show, Bo added that he’ll celebrate for all of them. “I will go out. I’ll go out for them!” 

Liev Schreiber, Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Drama for Ray Donovan: “Many thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press. Thrilled to be back on the Globes roster with dear old Dad."

Ricky Gervais, Best Performance by an Actor in TV Series, Comedy nominee for Derek: "This is my favourite nomination ever. The Golden Globes really started it all for me in America, and Derek is probably the character I have the greatest emotional connection with. I’m honestly thrilled."

Allison Tolman, Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries nominee for Fargo: Tolman is going to celebrate her first Golden Globe nomination on stage. The breakout actress, who scored an Emmy nomination for her put-upon sheriff Molly in the FX anthology's first season, is part of an ensemble at the Hudson theater's Almost, Maine, and will be sharing a dressing room Thursday night with nine fellow actresses. "It's a good celebration," she said. While critical darling Tolman will not return for the anthology's second season — a prequel centering on Molly's parents — she was over the moon at this week's casting that Kirsten Dunst and friend Jesse Plemons would be starring in the second run. "The only drawback when I read it is that neither were related to me! I want to know who my parents are," the self-professed Fargo fangirl said with a laugh. The young actress, who wasn't sure Fargo was going to be on the HFPA's radar, said she's excited to keep the season one "party" going. "It was so life-altering for me and the best time of my life, so to be able to stay in that world a bit longer? I jump at the chance to do that."

Sarah Treem, executive producer and creator of The Affair: "I am beyond grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press for this extraordinary honor. And to Showtime's David Nevins for taking a risk on this unconventional show. On the behalf of our whole cast and crew, Hagai and I want to express how humbled and excited we are to be included in this truly incredible group of nominees."

Edie Falco, Best Performance by an Actress in TV Series, Comedy for Nurse Jackie: "The Hollywood Foreign Press has been so kind and supportive of me over the years. I'm so grateful for being acknowledged for a show I've so deeply loved to work on."

Uzo Aduba, Best Performance by Supporting Actress in TV for Orange Is the New Black: "Oh my god, this has been a week [Aduba was nominated for a SAG Award on Wednesday morning], I don’t even know what to say. I’m just so proud of our show. None of this has gotten old, and I really hope it never does. I love this too much for it to feel commonplace… I’m so excited to be in that room [on Globes night] and to just breath that air. I haven’t had time to think about what to expect, though I’ll tell you I’m very fascinated to see who is the booziest. I hear it’s a party!"

Lena Dunham, Best Performance by an Actress in TV Series, Comedy for Girls: "I was sleeping, and then actually the dog walker entered my bedroom because I had not woken up to the doorbell, and my dog refused to go on a walk and hid under the bed," Dunham told THR about what she was doing when she found out about her nomination and Girls' nomination for best comedy series. "So I was scrambling around half-naked to get him to leave our bedroom when I realized, 'Oh my God, the Golden Globe nominations were announced.' Obviously there's so many great new shows this year that I was literally not expecting anything and I know everyone says that but it's true. And then I looked at my phone and there were some very sweet texts. And I was so honored to be nominated but especially happy that the work of the entire show and us as a team was recognized." Although Dunham says she wanted to check to see if some other shows were recognized, that wasn't the only reason she was curious about Thursday morning's nominations. "That would be too saintly of me," she said. "Of course you want to see if you're nominated. If you've been nominated before you know it's an exciting day… Jenni Konner, who runs Girls with me: We're so thrilled about the fact that there are so many women-run shows nominated…. I wanted to check on all of those shows I love and just see if anything nice had happened to us, which it had. We were totally lucky." And while this is Girls' third straight year of being recognized by the Globes, Dunham insisted it never gets old. "It never stops being exciting. It's not like, 'I did it once, we're done,' because every year on the show we try something new, we hope people will connect to it and every year that we get that support means so much to us. And I love the fact that we get to go as a big group. I barely leave my house after 9 p.m. so this is a big deal for me."

Joanne Froggatt, Best Performance by Supporting Actress in TV nominee for Downton Abbey: “I actually just got home now," the actress told THR from a much more agreeable time zone in the U.K., "I don't know how people muster excitement at 5 a.m., but I'm so thrilled." Froggatt, who is also promoting the Christmas special in the U.K. and the series' PBS return in the States, admitted that this time of year can get a little confusing with press. "You don't always know what you're supposed to be talking about," she said, laughing. "Am I saying the right thing about the right thing?' It's such an exciting time. I'm taking it all in, bit by bit."

Beau Willimon, creator and executive producer of House of Cards, nominee for Best TV Series, drama: "Our sole aim with House of Cards is to tell the best story we can and hope it connects with audiences. We're so thrilled that the Hollywood Foreign Press has recognized our efforts by nominating the show, as well as Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright — the two stars whose passion, talent and fearlessness make the story of the Underwoods worth telling."

Helen Mirren, Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy nominee for 100 Foot Journey: “Merci a les Couilles D'orees. C’estVachementchouette!" (Translation: “Thank you to the golden balls. It is cowly [damned] nice.”)

Clive Owen, Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series, Drama nominee for The Knick: "This nomination is also a testament to the writers of The Knick who provided such rich and riveting material, the fantastic cast and of course to the great Steven Soderbergh. A huge thank you to them and of course the Hollywood Foreign Press for this wonderful honor."

Graham Moore, Best Screenplay nominee for The Imitation Game: "It's an honor and the thrill of a lifetime to be recognized by the HFPA for being a part of bringing this little-known true story to the screen. Through this amazing recognition the HFPA has helped us to shine a little more light on the important and powerful legacy of Alan Turing, and for that I could not be more grateful."

Teddy Schwarzman, producer of The Imitation Game, nominee for best Best Motion Picture, Drama: I reacted with a big “Whoo!” I’m really happy for everybody involved, my fellow producers, Nora Grossman and Ido Ostrowsky, it was their first film, Graham Moore, this was his first screenplay ever made, Alexandre Desplat, who wrote the score in there weeks, Benedict and Keira who just gave so much, and it’s incredibly rewarding for our director [Morten Tyldum] , who wasn’t nominated, but the film wouldn’t be what it is without him.

Jon Voight, Best Performance by Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television nominee for Ray Donovan: "It’s a wonderful thing. It’s a very prestigious award and I’m grateful for the glow that these nominations give our show. I know our team deeply appreciates it."

Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, directors of The Lego Movie, nominated for Best Animated Feature Film: Lord and Miller plan to celebrate at new office in Hollywood — the "Bricksburg Chamber of Commerce" — where they are at work on the sequel. "We are going to build a champagne bottle out of LEGO brick and then pout them into LEGO champagne flutes," joked Lord. On a more serious note, he added "It’s really exciting that all the people who worked so hard on the movie are recognized. It was a great year for animation with a diversity of films."

Jóhann Jóhannsson, composer for The Theory of Everything, nominated for Best Original Score: “This is very exciting – I do feel that the work is its own reward, but it definitely feels great to be recognized with a Golden Globe Award nomination! It's a score that was created on emotional terms. It's a love story and the music stems from Hawking the man and Hawking the scientist. It announces itself in the first few seconds of the film. I was honored to collaborate with director James Marsh in telling this strong and very poignant story.”

Antonio Sanchez, composer for Birdman, nominated for Best Original Score: “I’m really honored to be Golden Globe nominated. I’m thankful to Alejandro Gonzales Iñarritu for the opportunity to work on this masterful film, and everyone that was involved in the process of helping it come to fruition. Being a jazz musician in our modern culture involves being cloaked in relative darkness when it comes to popular media attention, so I really hope this nomination helps propel our music and industry to a higher plane.”

Quvenzhané Wallis, Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical nominee for Annie: "I was in the car, really tired. I heard I was nominated, yelled, "Oh, yay!" and then I fell back asleep. I was excited when I woke up. I’m probably gonna celebrate by going someplace fun, like Bubba Gump in Times Square."

Dean DeBlois, writer and director of How To Train Your Dragon 2, nominee for Best Animated Feature Film: "I’m writing the third installment now, and I slept through the announcement! It’s fantastic. And I had a chance to meet everyone who was nominated [in the animated feature category] and they’re all terrific and have something to say. I’m proud to be part of the group."

Daniel Barnz, director and executive producer of Cake: “When I first heard that Jen might be interested in Cake, I was immediately intrigued and excited. It was just such an unexpected choice, this A-list actress who had never been given a chance to give a performance like this. I just had a great gut feeling about it. When we met, it was an inspiring meeting of the minds. I looked her in the eye and asked if she’d be 100% willing to go there, in the most raw way imaginable. She said yes and she never looked back. She prepared for months for the role, and gave it her all at every moment – this nomination is such a fantastic acknowledgement of all her work and courage. It was an incredible leap of faith she took with me, and I’m just over the moon for her.”

Gareth Neame, executive producer of Downton Abbey: "The HFP were among the first to champion Downton Abbey and have continued their support by nominating the show for four consecutive years. They have been hugely influential in spreading the Downton message both in the US and right across the world and for that we are so grateful. They have displayed their creative judgment once again by nominating Joanne Froggatt for her exceptional performance in a compelling storyline."

Don Hall and Chris Williams, directors, and Roy Conli, producer, Big Hero 6, nominee for Best Animated Feature Film: “We’re over the moon,” said Williams. Added Hall: “It’s a testament to the creatives' hardwork.” Conli revealed that they would be heading out to celebrate, along with one of the film’s animators, Valentin Admador, who animated the final scene in Big Hero 6 and is also in Madrid doing press.

Rob Marshall, producer and director of Into the Woods: "On behalf of my fellow producers, John DeLuca and Marc Platt, I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for this wonderful honor. I am so proud to have been a part of bringing Sondheim and Lapine’s beloved and profound work to the screen, and equally proud of the extraordinary cast who brought it to life with such passion and heart."

Teddy Schwarzman, Ido Ostrowsky and Nora Grossman, producers, The Imitation Game: "Thank you so much to the HFPA for recognizing The Imitation Game in five categories. We're overjoyed to be honored alongside such great films. This movie was a true passion project for everyone involved. All were dedicated to ensuring that Alan Turing's legacy received the appreciation it so deserved. We are incredibly proud of Benedict, Keira, Graham and Alexandre for their nominations, and for the entire team who, alongsidedirectorMorten Tyldum, made this story come to life."

Julian Fellowes, creator, executive producer and sole writer, Downton Abbey: "I don’t think getting nominated becomes old hat because the longer you stay in the game the more surprising it is. And I’m really pleased for Joanne Froggatt’s nomination because she had a really testing storyline, very, very difficult. So like Downton, very hard to strike exactly the right note, you know? And she did. So I’m really pleased the Hollywood Foreign Press agreed with me. Spend the night celebrating? No, I’m going to the sedate Dramatists Club to hear the Arts Minister. "

Eric Fellner, producer, The Theory of Everything: "I’m a producer, I don’t react. I just get on with life. There WAS a little bump inside that was thrilled because this is a film we’re proud of, and it’s so hard to make these films in this day and age that something like this goes a hell of a long way, especially in encouraging future investors to finance films like this. So I was encouraged not only because Theory got nominated but because a lot of tough to finance movies got nominated. To see the cast get nominated for SAGs yesterday and HFPAs today was just so gratifying because the amount of work they put in — they don’t get paid very much and they do it for love. So: a little bit of feeling but not an unusual amount. We have tonight Working Title’s staff party so we’ll be celebrating aggressively."

Travis Knight, producer and lead animator of The Boxtrolls: “It feels fantastic. These [stop motion animated] movies take so log to make. We started development nearly 10 years ago after Coraline. To get this response is extraordinary. It's deeply satisfying to know people appreciate these wonderful artists’ work … Were busy on our [not yet announced] film, but I think we have a moment. Our holiday party is this weekend; we’ll have an extra glass."

Bonnie Arnold, producer for How To Train Your Dragon 2, nominated for Best Animated Feature Film: Calling from her car on the way to DreamWorks Animation, Arnold exclaimed, “I’m so excited. I’m going to have to make a pit stop for some champagne on the way to the office. I’m already getting a lot of emails and texts. I got an email from Jeffrey [Katzenberg] saying congratulations and he couldn’t be happier. We’re in good company. There’s a lot of really good movies this year. I’m happy for everyone.” Commenting on Dragon 2’s box office — it’s the highest grossing animated film of the year with $619 million — Arnold said: “What’s amazing is the movie continues to get discovered, now that it’s available for digital download, we’re still getting responses. People are connecting with the film. It’s a testament to [writer/director] Dean DeBlois’ work.”

Steve O'Brien, producer of Animated Feature nominee The Book of Life: "When Jorge Gutierrez came to Reel FX years ago with his vision for The Book of Life, we were immediately captivated. We couldn't be more proud of the crew at Reel FX who worked tirelessly with Jorge to turn his idea into a stunningly beautiful film and we are grateful to the HFPA for recognizing it with this nomination."

Ronit Elkabetz, actress in Gett (Israel), nominee for Best Foreign Film: "This is incredible! I am both surprised and thrilled. We wrote Vivian's story based on the very simple fact that still today in Israel a women must get her husband's consent if she wants a divorce. I am happy and proud that we have brought Vivian's voice and struggle for freedom to the world.The film asks that women be allowed to live their lives with dignity and basic human rights. This nomination is an incredibly important recognition of women's struggle for freedom and independence, once and for all."

Zaza Urushadze, director of Tangerines (Estonia), nominee for Best Foreign Film: "This is unbelievable! This is the most beautiful day of my life. It compares to the days my daughters were born. All Estonia is pretty much in shock — the audience here loved the film, but nobody knew it could fly so high. It makes us very proud to be here among these other four remarkable films."

Ruben Ostlund, director of Force Majeure (Sweden), nominee for Best Foreign Film: "I was teaching at the film school and I reacted with great joy I suppose. And happiness. A bunch of friends are going to come over and we’ll open a bottle of Russian champagne. And possibly a little vodka."

Michael Walker, co-president Sony Pictures Classics: “It’s a fantastic feeling to have six nominations over so many different films. These mornings are always bittersweet because you also think about the people left out. But we’re kind of overjoyed, you know? Especially pleased about Foxcatcher’s best picture."

Jorge R. Gutierrez, director of The Book of Life, nominated for Best Animated Feature Film: “Like getting sucker punched by a thousand cherubs, I woke up to the fantastic news of our film's Golden Globe nomination. This made my heart dance and my mustache grow a least a full inch! Reel FX, 20th Century Fox, Guillermo del Toro and everyone on our crew could not be more thankful. I'm thrilled that an honor like this will encourage more people all over the world to discover and experience the labor of love that is The Book of Life. To theHFPA, I don't know what you guys are drinking but please let me buy you the next round. Salud!"

Guillermo del Toro, producer of The Book of Life, nominated for Best Animated Feature Film: "I am thrilled and honored for the recognition of our film and its innovative multi-cultural approach. We are all so grateful!"

Stephen Beresford, screenwriter for Pride, nominated for Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical: “Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press for this incredible nomination, and for the privilege of being placed in such extraordinary company. PRIDE is a true story about a small group of LGBT activists who stood shoulder to shoulder with a struggling mining community in their battle for jobs and survival. It’s a very funny story but also a very powerful one — and one which the real people involved feared would die with them. All of us involved with Pride are thrilled by this nomination, not least because these real-life lost heroes are finally getting the recognition they deserve.”

David Livingstone, producer of Pride, nominated for Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical: "We couldn't be more excited or proud at this wonderful news. Thank you so much to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for all of the support for this film. This nomination is a tribute to everyone involved. The cast, the crew, our amazing writer Stephen Beresford and brilliant director Matthew Warchus. But its also down to the people on whom this incredible funny and true story is based. Its a wonderful moment."