Amusing Parallels Between Iowa Caucus Contenders and Oscar Contenders (Opinion)

Ron Paul Martin Scorsese Eyebrows Split - H 2012
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Ron Paul Martin Scorsese Eyebrows Split - H 2012

In honor of this evening's Iowa caucuses, which officially kick off the 2012 election season, I have decided to share some amusing parallels that I've noticed between this year's presidential contenders and several of this year's Oscar contenders.


Newt Gingrich, a guy who was a big deal years ago, fell out of popular favor, but is now being hailed as a comeback kid (while remaining a ticking time-bomb that could go off at any moment)... sounds a little like Warrior star Nick Nolte, no?

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Rick Santorum, a guy who people used to laugh at, but who recently came out of nowhere and is now regarded as a serious contender... sounds a little like Moneyball star Jonah Hill, no?

Ron Paul, a pleasant-enough older gentleman whose eyebrows are absolutely out of control... sounds a little like Hugo director Martin Scorsese, no?

John Huntsman, a guy who sounds to most people like a completely reasonable option, but who nobody seems to want to actually vote for... sounds a little like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy star Gary Oldman, no?

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Gary Johnson, a guy who virtually nobody has ever heard of and/or would recognize if they bumped into him... sounds a little like A Better Life star Demian Bichir, no?

Rick Perry, a guy who has yet to demonstrate a real mastery of the English language... sounds a little like The Artist star Jean Dujardin, no?

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Michele Bachmann, a complete and utter whackjob oblivious to social norms... sounds a little like Melissa McCarthy -- or at least the character that she plays in Bridesmaids -- no?

Mitt Romney, a guy who most voters don't seem to love (based on the results of past campaigns), but who they'll probably end up voting for anyway, for lack of a better option... sounds a little like Beginners star Christopher Plummer, no?

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And, of course, Barack Obama, a guy who 50% of the population loves and the other 50% of the population wants to be... sounds a little like The Descendants star and The Ides of March co-writer/director George Clooney, no?

May the best man (or woman) win!