'Hanna,' 'Hugo' and 'Moneyball' Nominated for Cinema Audio Society Awards

Chloe Grace Moretz Asa Butterfield Hugo Still - H 2011
Paramount Pictures

Chloe Grace Moretz Asa Butterfield Hugo Still - H 2011

The sound mixing teams behind Hanna, Hugo, Moneyball, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Super 8 have been nominated for Cinema Audio Society Awards in the motion picture category.

In series television, teams in the competition mixed episodes of Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Boardwalk Empire won this category a year ago.

At the 48th Annual CAS Awards for outstanding achievement in sound mixing, winners will additionally be named in categories for television movies or miniseries; nonfiction, variety, or music television; and technical achievement.

During the ceremony, Feb. 18 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, the CAS Career Achievement Award will be presented to re-recording mixer Scott Millan and the CAS Filmmaker Award will be accepted by director Rob Marshall.

The Nominees for the Cinema Audio Society Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for 2011 are:

Motion Pictures:


Production Mixer:              Roland Winke

Re-recording Mixers:    Christopher Scarabosio

                                            Craig Berkey, CAS

Scoring Mixer:                    Andrew Dudman



Production Mixer:     John Midgley

Re-recording Mixer:          Tom Fleischman, CAS

Scoring Mixer:    Simon Rhodes



Production Mixer:      Ed Novick

Re-recording Mixers:        Deb Adair, CAS

                                          Ron Bochar, CAS

                                          David Giammarco

Scoring Mixer:                  Brad Haenel


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Production Mixer:     Lee Orloff, CAS 

Re-recording Mixers:  Paul Massey, CAS

     Chris Boyes

Scoring Mixer:                  Alan Meyerson


Super 8

Production Mixer:             Mark Ulano, CAS

Re-recording Mixers:  Andy Nelson

                                          Anna Behlmer

Scoring Mixer:                  Dan Wallin


Television Movies and Mini-Series:

Cinema Verite

Production Mixer:            Petur Hliddal

Re-recording Mixers:  Lora Hirschberg

                                          Scott Lewis

                                          Douglas Murray

Scoring Mixer:                  Greg Townley




Production Mixer:            Shane Connelly

Re-recording Mixers:       Mark Hensley

                                          Tamara Johnson, CAS


The Kennedys: Hour 7

Production Mixer:            Henry Embry, CAS

Re-recording Mixer:  Frank Morrone, CAS

                                          Stephen Traub

Scoring Mixer:                  Larold Rebhun



Mildred Pierce : Part 5

Production Mixer:    Drew Kunin

Re-recording Mixer: Leslie Shatz

Scoring Mixer:                Todd Whitelock


Too Big to Fail

Production Mixer:    James J. Sabat, CAS

Re-recording Mixers: Chris Jenkins

                                          Robert J. Beemer, CAS

Scoring Mixer:                 Chris Fogel  


Television Series:

Boardwalk Empire - To The  Lost

Production Mixer:            Franklin D. Stettner, CAS

Re-recording Mixers:       Tom Fleischman, CAS


Breaking Bad – Face Off

Production Mixer:           Darryl L. Frank, CAS

Re-recording Mixers:       Jeffery Perkins

         Eric Justen


Dexter - Just Let Go

Production Mixer:            Greg Agalsoff

Re-recording Mixers: Pete Elia, CAS

              Kevin Roache, CAS


Game of Thrones - Baelor

Production Mixer:               Ronan Hill

Re-recording Mixers:     Mark Taylor

                        Doug Andham, CAS



The Walking Dead – What Lies Ahead

Production Mixer:               Bartek Swiatek, CAS

Re-recording Mixers:     Gary D. Rogers, CAS

                                             Daniel J. Hiland, CAS


Television – Non-Fiction, Variety or Music - Series or


American Experience - Triangle Fire

Production Mixer:                       G. John Garrett, CAS 

Production Mixer:                   Rick Angelella

Production Mixer:                   Everett Wong

Re-recording Mixer:        Coll Anderson  


Bobby Fischer Against the World

Production Sound:           Mark Maloof

Re-recording Mixer:        Bill Marino


Deadliest Catch:  New Blood

Re-recording Mixer:       Bob Bronow, CAS


Great Performances At The Met: Nixon in China

Re-recording Mixer:      Ken Hahn, CAS

Music Mixer:                Jay Saks 


Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour

Production Mixer:        John Harris

Re-recording Mixer:     Brian Riordan, CAS


The Nominees for the Cinema Audio Society Technical

Awards for 2011 are:


Calrec Apollo Broadcast Mixing Console (software release 1.6 and later)

Movie Slate Sound Dept. Plugin by Pureblend Software

Remote Audio  Meon LiFe

Yamaha  01V96i Digital Mixer

Zaxcom  Nomad Production Sound System



Acheron Designer Screen Channel Loudspeaker

Avid Pro Tools 10

Avid Eucon Protocol Version 2.6.2

Dolby Media Meter 2

Izotope Ozone 5 Advanced