'King's Speech,' 'Black Swan's' Barbara Hershey Lead Best Cast Wish List

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for AFI

No, there are no best casting Oscars. So General Hospital's Mark Teschner decided to make some nominations on his own -- Barbara Hershey's casting director, get that speech ready!

"The discussion about the Oscar for casting has been going on for years," says Mark Teschner, who won three Emmys and five Artios Awards (plus 14 nominations) for outstanding achievement in casting, and arguably never did better than casting James Franco as an artist/serial killer on General Hospital (better even than Kevin Bacon and Djimon Honsou in the forthcoming film Elephant White).

"Franco really marches to his own beat and rhythm in life -- and in his work. Great technique with amazing instincts and spontaneity. Probably similar to his artwork. Actually he approached us to appear on the show. He shot approximately 20 episodes in three days, and he loved it so much he's coming back again, the Friday before and the Monday after the Oscars. This will set up another return, although with his schedule God knows when."

And God knows when the casting Oscar will happen. "There is substantial support in the Academy from very established directors and producers -- but we keep hitting a wall." So here's who Teschner hereby nominates for 2011:

True Grit: " Amazing 'authenticity' in the casting. Great mix of casting: the iconic Jeff Bridges -- with the revelatory Hailee Steinfeld -- the heart of the film."

The Fighter: "A very honest, raw ensemble. Every role from top to bottom was beautifully cast. And Amy Adams was cast in a way that went against expectations."

The King's Speech: "Impeccable cast from top to bottom."

Black Swan: "Compelling casting. Although Natalie Portman is (justifiably) garnering tremendous accolades, it is impossible to imagine the film working the same way without Mila Kunis and Barbara Hershey."

The Kids Are All Right: "Very well known actors cast in a seamless ensemble with no false moves. And the Kids were more than all right."

The Social Network: "Actors cast so perfectly that they have gone from up and coming to having arrived."

Winter's Bone: "Beautifully cast with unknown actors who now are officially known – and in demand, Jennifer Lawrence and John Hawkes."

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