Ex-New Radicals' Frontman Sings 'Begin Again' Oscar-Hopeful 'Lost Stars' (Exclusive Video)

"Lost Stars," a rousing song featured prominently in John Carney's music-centric indie Begin Againmy favorite film of 2014 — is one of the most talked about songs of the past year: In addition to cracking into the lists of iTunes' top 10 most downloaded songs and Billboard's hot 100, it landed a best original song Critics' Choice nomination and may well be on its way to an Oscar nom, as well.

But the people who performed the song in the film (Adam Levine and Keira Knightley) and on NBC's The Voice (Levine and Matt McAndrew), while supremely gifted, did not actually write the song and are therefore not eligible to be nominated for it. That people who did and are are Danielle Brisebois, Nick Lashley, Nick Southwood — and Grammy-winner Gregg Alexander, the reclusive former frontman of the 1990s hit band New Radicals, best known for the hit song "You Get What You Give."

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Many have wondered what "Lost Stars" would sound like if Alexander himself sang it. Those who attended November's Hollywood Music in Media Awards and/or THR's Hollywood Film Awards afterparty, at which Alexander performed, got to find out. Now, The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively debuting the new music video at the top of this post — the first in which Alexander has appeared in 16 years — so that you can, too.

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