Former Oscar Host Steve Martin Writes Open Letter to Upcoming Oscar Host Eddie Murphy

The writer-comedian offers up words of advice to this year’s host.
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Former Academy Awards host Steve Martin has written an open letter to upcoming Academy Awards host Eddie Murphy on his website,

Among the words of wisdom last year's host has for this year's host:

"Start slimming down now. You look kinda paunchy in Norbit."

"Remember to relax and have a good time while 12,000 livebloggers rip you to shreds."

"If you feel tired midway through, give Neil Patrick Harris a Red Bull and throw some sheet music at him."

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He goes on to discuss the one film they both starred in together, the 1999 comedy Bowfinger, and say that he sincerely though Murphy deserved a nomination for his dual roles in the film.

Martin hosted the Oscars two times solo and the third time with co-host Alec Baldwin.