Kevin Kline, Mike Myers Offer 'Oscar Etiquette' Tips for Funny or Die (Video)

Nominees take note: Should you find yourself handling a golden statuette at Sunday's Oscars, make sure you know the right way to grip it.

The Academy launched its Funny or Die produced promo Tuesday, "Oscar Etiquette," and it finds past winner Kevin Kline getting schooled one how to treat his trophy from Mike Myers.

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The latter seems to channels an unrealized Austin Powers character, wearing the world's worst comb-over as British Oscar expert "Sir Cecil Worthington." He berates Kline for his mishandling of the statuette -- won in 1989 for his supporting role in A Fish Called Wanda.

"Left hand under the base, right hand on the statuette... below the knees," Myers yells.

Kline proves a quick study, though. Watch his studies in the clip above or see the full series at the Oscar website.