Ricky Gervais Calls People 'Thick' For Believing He Was Banned From Emmys

The comic took to his blog to say the taped segment was his idea, dubbing doubters "unfortunates," and revealed which winner he texted during the show.
Matt Carr/Getty Images

After last year's controversial Golden Globes, there was talk that 2010 host Ricky Gervais had been banned from attending the 2011 Emmy's ceremony.

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But, on Sunday night's broadcast, the comic proved speculators wrong by making an appearance. Though Gervais did not attend the show in person, he pre-taped a segment spoofing his act last year, which was widely panned by many in the industry. 

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Never one to be short on words, The Office creator, an Emmy-winner himself, also took to his blog to discuss the show. 

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"Couldn't make it in person as I was in New York eating pasta and drinking wine in various restaurants," he said of recording his bit instead of attending the show. 

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"A few "unfortunates" actually believed that I really was banned from the event and then heavily edited. Amazing." 

But, according to Gervais, that was not the case. "I was invited to hand out an Emmy live but couldn't be in LA so I suggested a video bit. They said yes obviously. I made the video and sent it to them. They played it out exactly as I edited it," he wrote, adding, "Some people really are thick aren't they?"

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He also revealed he'd been in touch with friends who did attend the ceremony. "I sent Jon Stewart a text after he won his second Emmy of the night. It read: 'Really? How many do you need?' He wrote back: 'I have a large rectum.' Ha ha. Well deserved as usual."

Watch his taped segment below.