Sights, Sounds and Stories from the SAG Awards Afterparty

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After the Screen Actors Guild Awards were handed out on Sunday night, attendees took a short walk to a large room adjacent to the Shrine Auditorium, where the official afterparty is held each year.

The crowded venue featured numerous little alcoves for sitting, a DJ and dance floor, a separate tent for smokers and a buffet table. On the menu: Thai chic salad, Asian-style paella, dry fried string bean salad, roasted bass, winter squash tortellini, creamy white grits aligot with slow-braised short rib, baked gnocchi and mini Kobe meatloaf.

The Hollywood Reporter was on the scene, chatting with some guests face to face and observing others from afar.

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7:14 p.m.: As the show ends and the backstage hallways begin to fill up with people headed to the afterparty, Victor Garber, a member of best film ensemble winner Argo, approaches best TV drama actress winner Claire Danes, and gushes, “You are so wonderful on your show!”

7:30 p.m.: The young kids from Modern Family make their way into the party and are immediately asked by an older woman to pose with her for a photo. Suuure, says one, clearly weirded out.

7:35 p.m.: The team from best film ensemble nominee Les Miserables snags a corner alcove. The stage and screen Jean Valjeans -- Colm Wikinson and best film actor nominee Hugh Jackman -- sit near each other, while director Tom Hooper and best supporting actress SAG winner Anne Hathway huddle with supporting player Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife, the actress Isla Fisher. Hooper, who won the best director Oscar two years ago for The King's Speech, tells me of awards campaigning, It's much easier the second time around -- it's the same events, the same Q&As, the same moderators, and you know what to expect.

The aforementioned Modern Family kids come by to say hello to Hathaway, who greets them with big hugs. A less fortunate kid: Isabelle Allen, the adorable preteen who plays young Cosette in the film, who I'm told was felled by the flu today: She vomited before getting into the limo to head to the show, then vomited again in the limo, then vomited once again on the red carpet and was finally sent home. (Talk about the miserable!)

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7:41 p.m.: I pass the actor David Harewood, who plays CIA chief David Estes on best TV ensemble nominee Homeland, overhear him thanking someone, and am shocked to discover that he -- like his co-star/best TV drama actor nominee Damien Lewis, is British and speaks with a heavy accent in real life!

7:43 p.m.: Julia Stiles and Paulie Herman, members of best film ensemble nominee Silver Linings Playbook, mill around separately.

7:55 p.m.: In the smokers' tent, best TV comedy actress winner Tina Fey and her 30 Rock co-star Jack McBrayer are visiting when some young fans approach Fey to take photos with her. She is very gracious and makes funny faces in each of the pics.

8:13 p.m.: Chris Colfer, a member of best TV comedy ensemble nominee Glee, chats with friends over drinks and then heads with one to the dance floor, where they rock out to Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones.

8:14 p.m.: Lincoln co-stars Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field -- best film actor winner and best film supporting actress nominee, respectively -- catch up in one alcove (Day-Lewis stayed at the party longer than most other big names), while 1988 TV movie co-stars Ed O'Neill, one of the stars of best TV comedy ensemble nominee Modern Family, and David Marciano, who plays Virgil on best TV drama ensemble nominee Homeland, visit in another.

8:16 p.m.: Naomi Watts, best film actress nominee for The Impossible, hustles out of the venue with her manager, Jason Weinberg. Meanwhile, a guy on his cell phone whom she passes interrupts his friend on the other line: I got to go! I got to go! Naomi Watts just walked by and I've got to corner her for a photo!

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8:18 p.m.: The women of surprise best TV drama ensemble winner Downton Abbey congregate in a corner of the smokers' tent. Jessica Pare, a member of best TV drama ensemble nominee Mad Men, spots Downton's best TV drama actress nominee Michelle Dockery, rushes over to hug her, and says to the group, You guys! Congratulations! I'm so f-cking happy for you! One of the older women replies, We are over the moon!

8:23 p.m.: A woman who I'm pretty sure is actress Jenna Elfman is dancing and making out with a guy on the dance floor. Meanwhile, nearby, the omnipresent Modern Family kids are busting moves, with the young boy fist-pumping like there's no tomorrow.

8:36 p.m.: The 75-year-old actress/author Jackie Collins, as well coiffed as ever, is hanging out with two gentlemen. (She will later Tweet about her evening.)

8:40 p.m.: Aaron Paul, a member of best TV drama ensemble nominee Breaking Bad, is incredibly lovely to a young female fan who asks to take a pic with him. After he examines the iPhone photograph of them that her friend took, he takes the iPhone himself, holds it out in front of them, and snaps one himself, making a funny face, of course. He is equally kind to a young male fan who is waiting behind her but can't find his friend to take the photo; he hands the camera to his fiancee, who takes the pic -- in which he makes another funny face, naturally.

8:53 p.m.: Paul makes his way into the smokers' room and spots Dockery, who jumps out of her seat when she sees him and rushes over to give him a big hug. It's nice to see that the stars of the best dramas on TV all seem to get along!