Savannah Film Fest: THR Awards Pundits Break Down the Oscar Race (Video)

THR film reporter Tim Appelo, executive editor of features Stephen Galloway and lead awards analyst Scott Feinberg discussed awards season history, logistics and strategies.
Christopher Patey
Scott Feinberg, Stephen Galloway, Tim Appelo

SAVANNAH, GA. On Saturday, the 16th annual Savannah Film Festival hosted a panel entitled "The Hollywood Reporter: An Insider's Look ,"  at  which my THR colleagues Tim Appelo (film reporter) and Stephen Galloway (executive editor of features) and I (lead awards analyst) fielded questions about the awards season from Savannah College of Arts and Design film and television department chair Chris Auer in front of a full house at the 250-seat SCAD Museum of Art theater.

In addition to discussing awards season history, logistics and strategies, we broke down and shared our personal takes on this year's top Oscar races. The conversation was recorded so that we could share it, in its entirety, on this website. See below.

Addendum: Tim, Stephen and I would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone associated with the Savannah Film Festival and SCAD for their tremendous hospitality during our visit to their terrific event and beautiful campus -- especially Christina Routhier, Chris Auer, Erina Tandy, Jaime A. Tapias, Abbey Bertsch, Gokhan Ozaysin, Michael Chaney, Robin Beauchamp, Ian Leslie, Bob Dickensheets and Mr. Green, all of whom were absolutely wonderful.