'Shame' Red Band Trailer: Michael Fassbender Brings Sex to the Subway (Video)

THE FILMS: "Shame"
Courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures

Directed by Steve McQueen

Until Tuesday, Fox Searchlight had only debuted international and domestic general-release trailers for Shame, Steve McQueen’s erotic drama with the NC-17 rating.

Now, a red band trailer for the film has been released. While the trailer and the film center around a sex addict (Michael Fassbender), both the previous trailers and this current red band one seem to attempt to keep the focus on the film’s haunting visual style rather than on just all the sex.

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In the red band trailer, Fassbender’s character Brandon is seen on the subway staring at a woman who is also staring at him. This single scene is intercut with several scenes of Fassbender’s character engaging in his many sexual tryst. The clip is without dialogue or music, bringing into focus the raw sexual nature of the film.

Unlike the earlier green band trailers, there are no scenes with the film’s other star, Carey Mulligan in this trailer. Mulligan plays Brandon’s sister, who comes to town, disrupting Brandon’s lifestyle.

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Fox Searchlight has released two other trailers for the film, including one that features Mulligan singing.

Because of the highly sexual content of the film, including scenes of full frontal nudity from both Fassbender and Mulligan, the film received an NC-17 rating. Searchlight is not planning to appeal the rating or make any cuts to secure an R-rating. Instead, it’s readying a major awards push for the film.

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McQueen’s (who is featured in THR's director roundtable) erotic drama premiered at the Venice Film Festival, where Fassbender won the Best Actor award. It was also show at the Toronto Film Festival, and acquired by Fox Searchlight. The film will see release into theaters on December 2.