Seth Rogen on Spirit Award Nom: 'I'm Trespassing in Indie World'

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Actor-producer Rogen, producer Evan Goldberg, director Jonathan Levine and Will Reiser, the team behind the upcoming cancer comedy "50/50," are developing "Jamaica," based on a vacation Reiser took with his grandmother when he was 14.

"I kind of feel like I should apologize to everyone we're nominated with," says Seth Rogen, nommed for a Spirit Award on Nov. 29 as producer of the cancer comedy 50/50, which also nabbed a supporting nom for Anjelica Huston and best first screenplay nom for Will Reiser.

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"Alexander Payne never deserved to be uttered in the same breath with us. 50/50 really came from the same mindset and creative attitude as Superbad and Pineapple Express," Rogen tells The Hollywood Reporter. All three films were comic riffs on the writers' real lives.

"I feel like I'm trespassing in the indie world and they seem to have accepted it," he says. "I hope people don't get mad at me for bringing my studio past into their world."

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"I didn't even know the nominations were announced this morning," says Reiser. "But I'm pitching an animated movie next week and the nomination will benefit that. It's a project I've been waiting to pitch for six years, so I'm excited I'm in a place careerwise where I can pitch it."

Told that now he has to get in touch with his inner Harvey Weinstein and promote the film, Rogen says, "That's the scariest thing anyone's ever said to me. I've had enough experiences with the outer Harvey." But Weinstein must be in a good mood because The Artist, which many thought was ineligible for most Spirit Awards because its director is French, nonetheless got five noms, right? "Yeah, no shit!" says Rogen.

Rogen and Reiser are happily working on their next with 50/50 director Jonathan Levine, Jamaica, inspired by the time 14-year-old Reiser lost his Alzheimer's-afflicted grandma on a Jamaican vacation. "I don't know of another Alzheimer's comedy," says Reiser. "It'll be a first."