Toronto 2011: Day 5 Recap

This morning, I caught an early press screening of W.E, and then rushed back to my hotel room to finish preparing for my afternoon interviews with the film's co-writer/director Madonna (who, not surprisingly, travels with quite an entourage and was protected by several security guards) and stars Abbie Cornish and Andrea Riseborough (who, not surprisingly, don't/weren't). I ended up having very pleasant conversations with all three. (Audio of the Madonna interview has already posted, and audio from the Cornish and Riseborough interviews will post shortly.)

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After the back-to-back-to-back interviews wrapped, I moved to another part of the same hotel for two more back-to-back interviews, this time with the French duo most responsible for the remarkable film The Artist, writer-director Michel Hazanavicius and actor Jean Dujardin (who, in France, is a star of a stature comparable to George Clooney in the U.S.). Hazanavicius speaks English very well; Dujardin does not and therefore spoke through an interpreter -- a female, oddly enough. (Video of both interviews will post shortly.)

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I then rushed back to my room to get my Madonna interview online, took a much-needed nap, and headed out for the evening -- first to the top-rate dinner held by Summit at Brasaii to fete its TIFF films 50/50 and Take This Waltz (Seth Rogen, who stars in both films, was apparently in attendance), and then to the Weinstein Co.'s gathering at Soho House in celebration of TIFF film Coriolanus (director-star Ralph Fiennes was working the room with whatever enthusiasm he could muster, and fellow actors Gerard Butler, Jessica Chastain (pictured) and Brian Cox were also in attendance).

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