Toronto 2011: Megan Fox Talks Life After 'Transformers,' Judd Apatow; Reveals Surprising 'Archaeologist' Aspiration (Video)

Megan Fox, the 25-year-old actress who shot to international super-stardom five years ago with the release of Transformers (2007), largely on the basis of her stunning beauty, greeted me in her Toronto hotel suite wearing what appeared to me to be a skimpy nightgown -- not that I'm complaining.

Though one might deduce from that that she is confident and open when in the presence of journalists, the reality is actually quite different. She was, in fact, very guarded at the beginning of our time together (which took place during a press day for Jennifer Westfeldt's Friends with Kids, a comedy that had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival the night before we met and is still seeking domestic distribution.)

Fox seems to feel -- and is probably correct in this belief -- that she has been burned by the press on more than a few occasions in the past, which is why, in the playfully sexy but somewhat genuine way that she tends to speak, she asked me, "Are you one of the nice ones?"

I'll leave it to you to answer that question -- and you can make an informed decision, because the entirety of our roughly 15 minute conversation can be viewed by clicking the clip at the top of this post. As you'll see if you do so, we discussed -- in addition to Friends with Kids, which strikes me as a potential contender for the best picture (musical/comedy) Golden Globe if it gets picked up by a decent studio -- a wide variety of subjects: her childhood (she was raised in a "strictly Pentecostal" family in Tennessee); her early dreams of acting ("I wanted to do it from the time I was literally a baby and talking"); one of the biggest misconceptions about her ("I was never the beautiful girl in my school -- I mean, I had braces and I died my hair orange... I was not the popular girl... I was always the loner... I was drawn to this industry for other reasons"); her early days out in Hollywood (she lived at Oakwood Apartments, and didn't have huge success right away, but "never was down on myself"); her big break ("I don't think any of us knew how big Transformers was gonna be -- we had no idea"); fame ("It's not like all of a sudden I had become an actress; I was just all of a sudden a celebrity"); life after Transformers ("Careers, sort of, go up and down; not everybody makes a hit every single time"); her approach to acting ("There's no particular technique; most of the time it's just about survival"); working with Judd Apatow on This Is Forty (2012), one of her next projects ("I thought it was so fun and so amazing and everybody's so alive because you have no idea what you're gonna be saying next"); what she would be doing if she hadn't made it in Hollywood ("I would want to be an archeologist -- and I want to still do that now... it holds the answers!"); and her hopes for the future ("I don't know work-wise... the first thought that comes to my mind is, 'I want to have children' -- I've always wanted kids... I have a number in my mind of what amount of money I want in the bank so that I can protect that child's future").