TV Academy Expands Membership to Personal Publicists, Shortform Writers and More

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The already-sprawling Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has decided to take on a bunch of new members.

According to an announcement Wednesday, the TV Academy's board of governors recently voted to include in the organization's membership personal publicists in the Professional Representatives Peer Group, shortform writers in the Writers Peer Group and colorists in the Picture Editors Peer Group, among others.

"It's the Television Academy's mission to create a membership body that reflects the many diverse professions and endeavors of those working in the television industry," Hayma Washington, the TV Academy's chairman and CEO, said in a statement. "These membership changes are indicative of the ongoing effort to more closely represent our vision of a progressive and inclusive television community."

Here is a full breakdown of the new membership eligibility rule changes:

Professional Representatives Peer Group: Active Status (voting) membership now includes personal publicists who are actively engaged in publicizing individual artists, a substantial portion of whom appear or work in nationally viewed television programming. All applicants must have at least three years' experience as a personal publicist, and all requirements must be met within four years preceding their application for membership. 

Writers Peer Group: Active Status (voting) membership now includes writers with credits on at least 120 minutes of professional shortform programs that have had broad domestic or verifiable international consumer release. The shortform programs must have an average content length of 15 minutes or less.

Picture Editors Peer Group: Active Status (voting) membership now includes Associate Producers/Post Supervisors and Colorists with a minimum of four years working on nationally exhibited content, full-time for 24 of the last 36 months.

Additional changes include:

Motion & Title Design Peer Group: Additional positions of employment have been added including Creative Director, Art Director, Animator, Compositor, Editor, Illustrator, Typographer and Creative Producer. Members must have worked a minimum of three years that includes at least three Motion & Title Design credits.

Sound Peer Group: Additional positions of employment have been added including Engineer, Monitor Mixer, Playback Mixer, Production Sound Mixer and Rerecording Mixer. Members must have worked in these areas for at least three consecutive years or have verifiable credit on at least 25 hours of nationally exhibited programming within the past four years.

Makeup Artists/Hairstylists Peer Group: Active Status (voting) membership now requires work on at least 25 nationally exhibited episodes (previously 25 hours of programming) within a four-year period, plus a minimum of two years’ experience.

Reality Programming Peer Group: Active Status (voting) membership now requires individuals to have completed at least 26 work weeks (previously two calendar years) of reality television programming or have at least 20 credited episodes in at least two of the previous four years