Anti-Trump Post-It Notes Appear Inside Hollywood Agency's Women's Restroom

Dozens of sticky notes featuring handwritten pro-women messages penned by staffers, visitors and clients appeared on WME's bathroom mirrors around the time of Trump's presidential win.
Courtesy of Intagram/ANDREARUSSETT
Notes on WME’s bathroom mirror: “Nasty Women Get Shit Done”; “United We Stand”; “You Matter.”

The women's restrooms at WME have gotten an inspirational upgrade.

The mirrors in nearly all of the facilities inside the Beverly Hills headquarters are coated with dozens if not hundreds of sticky notes, all featuring handwritten messages of encouragement or empowerment as penned by agency staffers, visitors and clients. The notes went up following Donald Trump's surprising presidential win, but what might be more surprising is how long the notes have been kept up. An agency spokesperson confirmed the existence of the notes, which have now been up for more than two months since the election.

A source said notes and markers are available in the restrooms for the voluntary practice. And while some are directly in response to controversial comments made by Trump during his campaign, others are simply positive quotes about life and work in a male-dominated industry. "You Matter." "Nasty Women Get Shit Done." "What If Beyonce Quit When People Told Her No?" "You Are Valuable." "United We Stand." "Love Trumps Hate." "Slay Queens." "Have Hope." "Think of Oprah." "Pussy Grabs Back." "You Are Beautiful." (Interesting side note: Winfrey is a WME client; Beyonce is not.)

The DIY inspiration at WME follows a similar showing by staffers at HBO headquarters in New York, who seemingly set a trend with their powerful messages. One note on a WME mirror makes it clear what the entire gesture is all about: "Women helping women in Hollywood." But it's another that shows how the restroom feature is being received: "I love this wall," wrote one guest.

As for HBO, a rep confirms that the original source of inspiration is still up, but the sticky notes have migrated from the mirror to a bulletin board in the same restroom.

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Visiting my agent yesterday and LOVE what I found in the WME bathroom! #awesome #love #peace #wme

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