Bill Murray Performs Impromptu Concert at Sunset Tower

Bill Murray in Carnegie Hall 1 - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Jennifer Taylor

There’s been another Bill Murray sighting!

The elusive 67-year-old comedic actor popped up at the Sunset Tower Hotel one late night in early December and shared a bottle of red wine with members of his new band after they’d all just finished a gig at The Wiltern (Murray recited poetry as a cellist and violinist played tunes in the background). After sipping red wine for a bit, the always unpredictable Murray decided to give the bar’s two dozen or so other patrons an impromptu concert.

“It was amazing,” gushed one eyewitness of Murray’s “soulful, jazzy” set that included "four or five songs." One young man at the bar, though, was less impressed, and texted on his phone through most of the performance. At one point, Murray snagged the music-hater's phone and tossed it towards the fireplace (it landed on the floor, safe from the flames). It’s no surprise Murray is a fan of Sunset Tower; he’s known to be good pals with maitre d’ Dimitri Dimitrov (Murray gave him a cameo in his Sofia Coppola-directed A Very Murray Christmas).

Dimitrov confirmed Murray’s unexpected show, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I adore him.”